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Tips and tricks to save at Dollar General

Smartphone displaying the Dollar General app

Dollars stores have been around forever, but when you can shop at them from the comfort of your own home, you get the ultimate experience in savings and convenience. Dollar General is a well-known discount retailer with an array of affordable products available both in-store and online.

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What are the best ways to save at Dollar General?

To help you get the most out of your bargain hunting, we’ve compiled some of the best tips and tricks for your next shopping trip.

Keep up with the Dollar General weekly ad

The first step to saving at Dollar General is by looking at the weekly ad. If the nearest Dollar General store near you happens to be a “Dollar General Market,” you’re in luck. These stores are about twice the size of regular ones and offer a much wider array of food and beverage items.

If you don't have one nearby, you can still access a lot of these market items when you shop online. The weekly ad is released every Sunday, so give it a look before you dive into browsing.

Sign up for digital coupon access

Another simple way to get Dollar General deals is by making an account through their app or website. You can load digital coupons onto your account and even use them with other discounts for extra savings.

Dollar General rewards program

The Dollar General rewards program allows you to earn points for every purchase you make. As you build up your points, you can redeem them for discounts on any future purchases. If you’re strategic, you can purposely save up points for special events like a birthday party, Halloween, or any other occasion.

Look for clearance items

As with most stores, Dollar General often has great deals in their clearance section. They might be out of season, but they’re still good quality and worth stocking up on. It helps to go in with a plan to ensure you aren’t buying anything that will expire before it’s time to use it.

Join the Dollar General Penny List Group

The Dollar General Penny List is a list of items that are waiting to be removed from shelves and gives you a great opportunity to snag some great products for just a penny. If you join the Dollar General Penny List Group on social media platforms like Facebook, you can stay up-to-date on the latest penny deals and save money on the things you need most.

Check the Dollar General return policy

Before you shop anywhere, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the store’s return policy. Luckily, the Dollar General return policy is lenient and allows you to return and exchange items regardless of whether you’ve opened them or not. Just keep in mind that specific items might not be eligible for returns and exchanges for health and safety reasons.


Dollar General is a great discount retailer with a wide variety of options. Whether you’re looking for party supplies or groceries, there’s always a chance of finding some extra savings when you take the above tips into consideration.

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