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What is AKKO product protection?

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AKKO insurance started in 2019 but you may not have heard of them until recently. So who is AKKO and what product insurance does AKKO offer? Read on for information including what coverage is available, which types of products can be protected, plan details, and how AKKO compares to the competition.

What does AKKO offer?

AKKO offers both AKKO phone insurance and an “Everything Protected” plan including one phone and up to 25 additional items (in a variety of categories) for a monthly fee.

To get started, you’ll have to register online, choose your plan and then ​​upload your product information with corresponding photos (you can also remove/add any products anytime later). AKKO has two plan options available.

AKKO insurance review: The warranty plans explained

1. Phone-Only Plan: Covers one phone

  • Coverage length: monthly/yearly
  • Cost of plan: $6 – $12 /month ($5 – 11 /month if paid annually)
  • Damage deductibles: $29 – $99, depending on phone model
  • Theft/replacement deductibles: $75 – $99, depending on phone model
  • Claim limits: protects a maximum of one (1) phone, and doesn’t cover loss unless you opt for a yearly plan.

2. Everything Protected Plan: covers a range of products including electronics, sports and recreational gear, clothing and accessories, handheld/portable power tools, audio and music equipment, school supplies, and non-motorized personal transportation devices. 

  • Coverage length: monthly/yearly
  • Cost of plan: $15 /month for adults ($14 /month if paid annually) or $12/month ($10 /month if paid annually) for students
  • Phone damage or theft/replacement deductibles: same as those listed in the phone-only plan
  • Damage or theft/replacement deductibles for other items: $99 ($49 for students)
  • Claim limits: no more than one phone can be covered, $2,000 limit per incident unless you upgrade, and many items cannot be covered (including furniture, automobiles, motorcycles, securities, artwork, firearms, and more).

If you're looking for comprehensive coverage for more of your favorite product categories, install the Mulberry extension and you'll get alerts as you shop when your items are eligible for MulberryCare.

How does AKKO measure up against the competition?

  • AKKO vs SquareTrade
    While AKKO can be a bit more expensive than SquareTrade, AKKO’s Everything Protected plan could save you money if you’re covering multiple products. AKKO’s offer also includes unlimited claims.
  • AKKO vs AppleCare
    AppleCare for iPhones is more expensive than AKKO. AKKO also provides coverage for a variety of product types through one plan, provides faster repairs, and offers protection for refurbished phones from any provider (while AppleCare only covers those purchased through Apple Refurbished).
  • AKKO vs Asurion
    Asurion has much more complex requirements and claims processes. AKKO has bundles available that are superior to Asurion offers. AKKO products can also be added to the plan anytime after purchasing.
  • AKKO vs Mulberry
    Mulberry offers protection plans through the free chrome extension, and covers a wider variety of products than AKKO. And unlike AKKO, you don't have to insure a phone to use MulberryCare protection plans. MulberryCare is available for nearly everything you buy online, whether you protect one item or everything you own. AKKO does offer a student discount, but MulberryCare covers items students use daily and offers a low-price guarantee - if you find a comparable plan for less, Mulberry will match it. 

Check out this comprehensive roundup of other third party-warranty providers to help you determine which company has the best coverage options for you.

With the Mulberry extension, you'll get cash back rewards when you purchase protection plans and for other items you buy online, even if you don't need extended warranties. You'll also have access exclusive financial deals on comprehensive insurance packages, high-yield savings accounts, personal loans and more within the extension.



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