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What is the best travel steamer?

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The best part of traveling is being able to go to fun dinners and see different sights, taking pictures along the way to make long-lasting memories. However, when you’ve tightly packed your clothes and are living out of a suitcase, your garments are destined to become wrinkled and creased, detracting from your appearance when you try to dress up for a nice meal. Traveling with a portable clothes steamer is a great solution to this issue.

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What is best portable steamer?

When looking for a portable clothes steamer, you want to find something compact so that it can fit in your luggage. For some customers, their portable steamer is also their full-time steamer, especially if they don't not have much demand for this item in their lifestyle, but simply want to mitigate wrinkles for special occasions and travel. Here are our top three picks for best travel steamers:

  1. Conair Handheld Garment Steamer: This option has three attachment choices, including a silicone band which pulls fabric taut, a bristle brush which loosens fabric, and a spacer which can help with gentle materials. Coming in at $56.66, this option has a variety of settings so you can use it for all of your garments when you are on the go.
  2. Beautural Steamer for Clothes: This option stands out because it is foldable, making it perfectly suited for luggage and travel. With a handle that flips inward, it compacts to a small size and uses just one attachment for all fabric types. This option is the most budget-friendly, at $22.92.
  3. Polardo Steamer for Clothes: This steamer is super small and compact, with a universal attachment that works across all materials of clothes, curtains, mattresses, and more, allowing it to serve not only travel needs, but full-time home purposes. The price of this mid-range option is $39.99.

Can you travel with a steamer?

Yes, it is possible and simple to travel with a clothing steamer. Like any other standard electronics, these products are totally fine to pack in your luggage. Just make sure you know whether the destination you are traveling to needs plug adapters, as some steamers are not compatible with voltage in other countries. Plus, it has to be said, make sure you fully empty all water from your steamer before packing it to avoid any major mishaps.

Can I pack a steam iron in my checked baggage?

Yes, you can include your travel steamer in your checked baggage just like any other electronic device. Just ensure it does not have any water in it to avoid spills and security breaches.

How do you steam clothes when traveling?

It may seem more challenging to remove wrinkles from your clothes when you’re on the go, but actually it’s simple. Hang up your item of clothing on a hanger in the bathroom, plug your steamer in, and steam your item while it hangs to remove all wrinkles.

If you don’t have a travel steamer and you wind up with wrinkly clothes while on a trip, a quick hack is to hang your item from a hanger on the shower rail, turn the hot shower water on so that it doesn’t hit your clothes, and then let the steam from the shower loosen and soften the wrinkles on your garment.

What liquid can I add to a clothing steamer?

The best option when using a clothing steamer is to fill it with distilled water. Typical tap water contains minerals that will eventually clog the device. Of course, when you are on the go, you probably won’t have access to distilled water, so in that situation, tap water will do.

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