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The best products for your next vacation

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Traveling efficiently is an art and a science. Packing all of your essentials into a small bag means learning how to fold everything up neatly. But then comes the art of remembering everything you need—items from your daily life, plus those pieces that are unique to travel situations and can help you anticipate unpredictable situations that may occur.

Although buying additional products when you're already spending money on a vacation might seem like an unnecessary expense, it's worth it to make your life better. Product protection can also help, making it easier to return your items if you find you didn't have a use for them on during your travels, or if they got damaged. Mulberry Unlimited can cover all of your items under a single protection plan, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your vacation.

When traveling, it’s a priority to stay comfortable, healthy, and stress-free. This means being able to relax and transport everything with ease. In this article, we will review a few recommended travel items, from bags to the tiny details you may not have thought of.

Starting with your bag: What is going to hold all of your items?

Finding the right carry on or weekender bag is essential, as it provides the shell for the rest of your packing and traveling experience. Stick with something that’s the right size to fit under an airline seat and that has numerous pockets as well as multiple straps. This will help you hold or wear it in a variety of ways if your shoulder gets sore or your hands are full. We recommend the Béis Weekender Bag, which comes in several sizes, shapes, and colors, and has a leather base to make it more durable, plus a strap that allows you to hook it over your rolling suitcase.

Inside of your bag, it’s important to break down your smaller items into organized pouches and pack small jewelry boxes, toiletry kits, and bags with loose items like chargers, pens, and accessories. This will help your bag stay organized and reduce the amount of time you spend stressfully sifting everything you’ve packed just to find that one headphone charging cable.

Staying comfortable and healthy

When we think about travel comfort, the main part of the trip we usually need to consider is the flight itself. We all know airplanes can be uncomfortable, and if you have a longer flight and need to sleep, you'll need to plan ahead to bring supplies that will give you the best chance of getting some rest.

  • Sleeping. The most important item for sleep is a comfortable neck pillow. This will allow you to rest your head comfortably and sleep with some support, so you don’t wake up with a pulled muscle or stiff neck. The top options we recommend are the Cabeau Evolution S3 and the Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow.
  • Reading. If you're someone who likes to read before you go to sleep, you’ll want to invest in a reliable book light that you can use both on the plane, and at your destination. Our favorite recommendation is the Vekkia Amber rechargeable light (which has a warm color to keep your eyes relaxed) or the Ytuomzi Book Light, which is also rechargeable.
  • Hydrating. One of our favorite travel hacks is to bring an empty water bottle with you which you can fill up once you get past security. This can help you save money by avoiding purchasing the expensive options in the airport shops and will also help you ensure you drink enough water. It’s essential to stay hydrated when flying, and we recommend the Hydroflask water bottles which come in a variety of sizes.

Managing electronics

When you're traveling, you want to make sure you have everything fully charged and are prepared to use more battery than usual as you watch movies on your devices and use maps to navigate throughout the day. Here are our three favorite tech items that are a must-have for any travel experience:

  • Airfly. Now that we live in a world of Bluetooth headphones, it can be difficult to plug into airplane entertainment systems. This tool allows you to connect your Bluetooth to a small device with a headphone jack so you can sync up to the TV on the seat in front of you.
  • Anker Power Bank. There is nothing worse than running out of battery when you are traveling in an unfamiliar place. Mitigate this risk by carrying this versatile and powerful portable charger everywhere you go.
  • Selfie stick. Make sure you capture lasting memories on your trip by taking the best photos of yourself and loved ones. A reliable selfie stick—like the AMUTEK—will help you get every shot.

Protect your purchases 

Find the best extended warranty for anything you buy online using the Mulberry browser extension. You'll be able to protect your products against damage, accidents, and wear, plus you can qualify for three free months of product protection on eligible items.

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