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The best clothes steamers from Amazon

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Clothes steamers are an easy and convenient way to take wrinkles and folds out of your clothes. They are often compact and easy to travel with, making them ideal companions for weddings and other events where you need clothes that are prone to wrinkling. Although they do virtually the same job as an iron, steamers are easier to use, and don't require as much equipment.

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What are the best clothes steamers from Amazon?

Let's take a look at which clothes steamers are the best to buy from Amazon.

Conair steamer

Conair is a hugely popular name in the personal care gadget world, and their steamers certainly live up to the billing. The Conair Turbo Extreme Steam is great for supercharging your steaming experience, with just a 40-second heat up time and 15 minutes of continuous steam per full water tank. This Conair clothes steamer also comes with a 3-in-1 attachment that helps pull the fabric taut, protects the fabric, and brushes away dirt and grime to get to the fabric. You can get it on Amazon for $69.99.

Rowenta steamer

Although it's on the pricier side at $99, the Rowenta handheld steamer is a do-it-all device. You can steam every type of fabric and piece of clothing, from cotton to nylon and more. With a 40-second heat up time for 10 minutes of use, it doesn't perform as well as some other options on this list, but the versatility of the Rowenta steamer makes it a favorite among Amazon shoppers.

Beautural steamer

A Beautural steamer is perfect for portability, with no leaking at any angle, so you're able to travel with the water tank full if needed. At just $34.82, the Beautural handheld garment steamer doesn't cut any corners, with a 30-second heat up time and 15 minutes of continuous steaming. There are also three attachments so you can steam anything you want.

Black and Decker steamer

Perhaps the best feature of the Black and Decker steamer is its 15-foot cord, allowing you to steam from practically anywhere. It also automatically shuts off after 15 minutes, for when you're in a rush and don't think about turning off your steamer until after you've left the house. It also comes with a lint remover, making the Black and Decker steamer a versatile option. It's available for $59.99 on Amazon.

CHI steamer

The CHI steamer is perfect for travel, weighing just over one pound. Although it doesn't provide as powerful a steaming experience as some of the others on this list, its compact size and portability make it perfect for on-the-go. It also comes with a travel bag for ease of transport. The CHI handheld steamer is available for $44 on Amazon.

Jiffy steamer

The Jiffy steamer is the most expensive on this list at $229, however it also does the most of any steamer by far. It offers a whopping hour and a half of steaming per filling, which makes sense considering it has a 3/4 gallon tank. It's also on wheels for easy transport around your home, and the long handle means you don't have to bend at awkward angles to get your steaming done. The Jiffy steamer is definitely one that's made to last.

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