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Introducing Mulberry for Square: The First Ever Product Protection Offering for Square Merchants

The new Mulberry App for Square enables merchants to offer product protection to all customers post-purchase with a one-click integration

Large enterprises like Costco, Walmart, and Best Buy have offered product protection to customers for decades. While their programs proved to be very popular with shoppers and highly profitable for retailers, product protection has historically been inaccessible to smaller businesses because of various legal, operational, and technical hurdles. 

Since our founding, Mulberry has worked to make it easy for retailers to launch best-in-class product protection programs for their customers. We’re very excited to be bringing Mulberry protection to the Square ecosystem. 

Announcing Mulberry for Square, the first-ever product protection offering for Square merchants. Now, Square merchants can drive incremental revenue and improve their customer experience with a single, one-click integration.

How does it work? 

Once you download the Mulberry Square app, your customers will automatically receive an email from Mulberry post-sale enabling them to purchase extended warranties or accident protection plans of various lengths. Merchants also have the option to embed Mulberry protection offers into their order confirmation email with no development work required. 

Customers who purchase a warranty will be automatically registered for protection with no additional support required from the merchant. It’s that simple. Should customers need to file a claim, they can use Mulberry’s seamless online claims portal and work directly with our 95% CSAT-rated customer support team.  

What does Mulberry product protection cover?

Mulberry product protection can extend a manufacturer warranty for up to 10 years and can include assurance that a product will be repaired or replaced in the event of accidental damage. Mulberry accident protection plans include coverage for incidents ranging from spills and stains to drops and tears. The specific coverage details for each plan varies by product category. Each plan your customers purchase explains the coverage details clearly and concisely upfront. 

Which merchants can use Mulberry for Square? 

Mulberry for Square is available for retailers across various product categories including appliances, electronics, furniture, bedding, rugs, mattresses, and more. For a complete list of covered categories, reach out to our team at partnersuccess@getmulberry.com

To get started, add Mulberry on the Square app and start driving additional revenue for your Square business. 

Ready to offer protection to your customers? Partner with Mulberry


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Chinedu Eleanya

About the author

Chinedu is Founder and CEO at Mulberry.

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