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A guide to upholstered furniture repair costs

Person repairing a green piece of furniture

The upholstered furniture in our houses are usually the pieces that add comfort, coziness, and the feeling of ‘home.’ Textiles can have a range of finishes, textures, colors, and weights, adding a different feel to each piece and room. However, the more custom and comfortable upholstered furniture is, the more expensive it typically is.

These large purchases are also vulnerable to our everyday mistakes: spills, tears, and minor deterioration that can add up over time. An extended warranty plan is a great way to protect it against these mistakes, and more, but sometimes we don't always have the foresight to protect things like furniture. And once you’ve spilled or noticed a rip, it’s up to you to cover the costs associated with the repair.

So, how can you repair your upholstered furniture if you didn’t get a product protection plan? Let’s dive in.

How much are common furniture repairs?

When it comes to upholstered furniture, there are typically two options: fabric or leather. Each of these materials, and the subcategories within them, are associated with different repair processes and costs.


Most often with fabric furniture, you will see rips, tears, stains, or even a need to restore the interior foam cushioning when items get old. When it comes to upholstery repair, you're paying not only for the service and the labor hours, but also for the fabric used to make the repair.

These costs can easily exceed $1,000, which may represent a significant portion of the price you paid for the furniture item in the first place. After you search online for “furniture upholstery repair near me,” speak to a variety of vendors to get a quote and pick your best option—but don’t expect it to be cheap.


When it comes to leather, you may see other signs of damage that includes rips, cuts, dryness, and cracking. Leather is a highly expensive material, so if you need to replace sections of your furniture item, be prepared for a larger bill than the corresponding average fabric sofa. For leather furniture repair, even just restoring cushions or sections with basic rips can cost in the range of $500 to over $1,000.

Leather upholstery repair is expensive, so it’s ideal to mitigate these costs by looking into the specific type of leather your furniture is made of and following proper cleaning guidelines to keep the material from drying out. You can buy leather repair kits online that will give you the tools necessary to create a leather maintenance routine.

How can you avoid repair costs associated with upholstered furniture?

The best route to saving on furniture repair costs is to get a furniture protection plan. An extended warranty can cover damages and offer valuable financial support when it comes time to take the plunge and seek out a repair. You can easily add product protection to your large purchases by finding plans and packages with the Mulberry browser extension.

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