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MulberryCare vs. Walmart: Choosing the right warranty for your furniture

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Shopping for home decor and furniture is always exciting and gives you a chance to showcase your creativity and personal style. If you're looking for a place where you're going to get the most bang for your buck, Walmart offers great value for the price. However, it's also important to understand what sort of warranty these items come with and what your options are in terms of product protection.

Although retailers like Walmart offer limited manufacturer warranties and even extended warranties on many of their products, they often fall short of providing the most comprehensive coverage. Depending on your needs, an extended warranty plan like MulberryCare might be the best fit, with coverage for any type of damage or accident your furniture might encounter.

Let's take a look at how Walmart and MulberryCare stack up when it comes to extended warranty plans for furniture.

Walmart extended warranty protection

Walmart offers product protection for almost any of its products through SquareTrade, which is owned by Allstate. The cost of each plan is relative to the cost of the item that you're protecting. So, if you have Walmart furniture that's worth up to $400, you might end up paying around $45 for three to four years of protection.

Walmart offers both a standard plan and an accident plan depending on what level of coverage you want.

  • Standard. When it comes to furniture, there's not a whole lot of coverage that comes with this plan. It may cover you from some normal wear and tear, but outside of that the standard plan is really better for electronics and other items that might be affected by power surges and different mechanical failures.
  • Accident. Accident plans will cover your furniture in case of liquid damage, which is probably the most relevant in terms of furniture and home decor.

Whether you're buying a Walmart couch, Walmart curtains for your living room, Walmart living room chairs, or any other furniture item, the protection plan options are the same. The only thing that will change is the price, depending on the value of your product.

MulberryCare extended warranty protection

MulberryCare offers extended warranty coverage on furniture, for everything from couches and cabinets to mirrors and bookshelves. This protection goes beyond a limited manufacturer warranty to include a range of damages and accidents, including:

  • All types of stains and spills
  • Rips and tears
  • Seam separation
  • Burns and heat marks
  • Liquid marks and rings

Additional benefits of MulberryCare include zero deductibles, zero service fees, and even free coverage for the first three months. You can also choose to upgrade your coverage as needed, always for an affordable price.

With the amount of daily use your furniture will likely receive, this level of coverage can be invaluable. If you want to truly protect your furniture and see it last for a long time, MulberryCare is the best extended warranty plan on the market.

Why you need an extended warranty on your furniture

Out of all the things in our homes, our furniture is probably one of the more vulnerable items. Whether you have an affinity for dinner parties or you have kids and pets running around, you never know when something might get damaged. Even if most of the time it's just you on the couch binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, all it takes is one moment for your couch to go from looking brand-new to old and used.

When you purchase an extended warranty for your furniture, you can focus more on living and enjoying the moment, instead of always having to perform damage control.

Shop with the Mulberry browser extension to view product protection plans in real time. In addition to that, you even accumulate rewards as you shop which you can then use towards payment for protection.

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