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Backpacking essentials and why you need to protect them

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Backpacking is a bucket list item for many people, but the exposure to harsh elements and the amount of planning involved can be intimidating, and leave newcomers confused about where to start.

When it comes to backpacking, buying high-quality and lightweight gear is essential to making the experience comfortable and safe. Mulberry Unlimited can help add quality to your purchases, letting you purchase product protection coverage for all your camping and outdoors essentials under the same plan. With unlimited claims and coverage, you’ll be able to head out on your adventure with the peace of mind that you’re truly ready for anything.

In this article, we outline key ideas to keep in mind, and we recommend guidelines for you to follow in your shopping.

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What is ultralight backpacking?

Within the overall world of backpacking, ultralight backpacking focuses on carrying the least amount of gear possible. This of course means getting creative with the supplies you choose and how you pack your backpack. While there are no hard and fast rules about weight limits within this category, for many backpackers, they consider backpacking “ultralight” when you are carrying under 10lbs, as opposed to lightweight backpacking where you carry under 20lbs.

How heavy should a backpacking tent be?

When selecting a backpacking tent, especially if you’re pursuing lightweight or ultralight backpacking, its essential to keep the weight of your tent low, as it’s going to be one of your most essential but also substantial items. The rule of thumb is that each tent should weigh around 2.5 pounds per person, so a two-person tent would weigh around 5 pounds. When ultralight backpacking, this small number can add up to 10 pounds fairly quickly.

How do I know what size sleeping bag to get for backpacking?

When choosing a sleeping bag, you need to consider your height, as the length of the sleeping bag should be roughly around your total height, with some extra room to breathe. Beyond that, you should consider the shape of the bag, whether it’s rectangular or mummy shaped, for example, as each option provides different levels of warmth and various capacities to be ultralight in weight.

What is the best ultralight sleeping bag?

One of the best lightweight sleeping bags is the Feathered Friends Flicker 40 UL. This product comes in various lengths and temperature classifications, weighing in at under 2 pounds across the board, even for the most densely-stuffed option that’s suitable for as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This sleeping bag is water-resistant and made from goose down, and in exchange for its high quality, you pay a high price at $529.

How much should I spend on a sleeping bag for backpacking?

Like everything else in life, you pay for the quality you want. You can find options for either item in the $100 range, but you can also choose to invest thousands. The climate where you are traveling, the nature of your backpacking trip, and the frequency you plan to use the items will all determine how much you should invest. If you aren’t operating with the most minimal budget possible, then spending around $200 on a reliable backpack, and a similar price for a solid sleeping bag, will mean you’ve invested in decent-quality options.

What else should I remember to pack?

Even though you’re going to be immersed in nature, it’s important to remember key pieces of tech for your trip. You should include a hiking GPS, maybe in the form of a GPS watch, so you can be confident in you path and stay on the trail without getting lost. Equally, you’ll need a solar-powered phone charger to keep your tech powered up, and we recommend the BLAVOR Solar Powered Bank, which is available on Amazon for $49.99.

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When purchasing your high-quality backpacking equipment, subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited to get coverage for everything under the same product protection plan. You can be sure you’re covered if something happens to your equipment when its exposed to the elements on your trip, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your adventures to the max.

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