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The best camping accessories for your outdoor adventures

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Whether you’re a diehard traditional camper or a self-proclaimed “glamper”, there’s one thing that any type of camper can agree on–having the right accessories can make camping a more enjoyable and convenient activity. Whether you choose to invest in items to improve your sleeping setup or simple items that make the experience just a little more fun, purchasing a few fun camping accessories is a great way to prepare for the upcoming summer months.

When shopping for your new camping accessories, there’s one thing you should be sure not to forget–investing in a product protection plan for your new items. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a fun new item and then losing money by having to quickly repair or replace it when something goes wrong. Mulberry Unlimited can help provide coverage for all your camping purchases under the same product protection plan, giving you peace of mind while you enjoy the great outdoors.

Protect unlimited online purchases for $9.99/month

What are the best camping accessories?

Let’s take a look at some of the best camping accessories for your outdoor adventures.

Rechargeable headlamp

Is there anything worse than stumbling around in the dark because you can’t see? Not having proper lighting is inconvenient, but it also places you at risk of injury. While flashlights are a popular way to provide light when the sun goes down, unfortunately, they require an extra hand to shine the light–and sometimes you need both your hands for carrying gear, cooking, or setting up camp.

A rechargeable headlamp is a great hands free, easy to use alternative to the traditional headlamp. Beyond the convenience of wearing it on your head instead of carrying it, it’s rechargeable, meaning that you won’t have to constantly fumble for new batteries when the lights go out.

Reclining camping chair

There’s nothing better than relaxing after setting up your campsite–unless there’s nowhere to rest your head. If you’re not a fan of having to crawl into your tent in order to relax, consider a reclining camping chair. You’ll always have a way to lean back, rest for a moment, and enjoy nature, which is why you planned your camping trip in the first place.

Sleeping pad

Have you ever woken up after a night of camping with a sore back? Unfortunately, if you’ve ever tried sleeping on the tent floor with only a sleeping bag, you probably have. Without extra padding, it’s almost impossible to avoid sleeping on rocks, lumpy earth, and twigs when you’re camping. This is where a sleeping pad comes in. An inflatable sleeping pad, such as the Big Agnes Sleeping Pad, can provide the cushion you need to avoid waking up with a sore back and having a miserable rest of the day.

Because it’s inflatable, these sleeping pads are also easy to store, light to carry, and quick to disassemble when you’re ready to head on your way. It's a simple camping accessory that can go a long way in making your camping experience just a little bit better. Big Agnes Sleeping Pad options start at $69.95.

Hammock swing

Hammock swings are another fun item to add to your camping gear collection. All you need is a couple of trees and your hammock, and you’ll be well on your way to a peaceful afternoon of enjoying nature. They’re light, easy to pack, and simple to put up and take down.


If you love camping but are a grump without your morning coffee, don’t worry any longer–the Nanopresso can save the day. A compact but effective espresso maker, the Nanopresso is a great addition to any coffee-lover’s camping gear collection and can save you from caffeine withdrawals and the morning grumpies.

Final thoughts

With the right camping accessories, you can make any camping experience infinitely better. Whether you choose to invest in a hammock swing, rechargeable headlamp, or any other accessory, be sure to look into product protection for your new purchases.

By investing in an extended warranty plan, you'll be able to guarantee your camping accessories are protected in the event that something happens to them. However, product protection doesn’t have to be expensive–Mulberry Unlimited offers excellent coverage for an affordable price. You'll get unlimited coverage and claims for all your camping gear, ensuring you're ready for anything.

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