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Why you need an extended warranty for your sleeping bag

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If you’re a nature lover, it's always a great time to stock up on your outdoor gear, including a sleeping bag. When you’re spending the night under the stars (or in a tent), a comfortable sleeping bag can make all the difference when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep and enjoying the rest of your outdoor adventure.

When shopping for a new sleeping bag, don’t forget to think about product protection. A high-quality sleeping bag is an investment, and it’s important to make sure your purchase is protected. Accidents happen, especially when you’re enjoying the outdoors, so it’s important to make sure you have the coverage you need in order to have peace of mind while you’re on your adventures.

Extended warranty plans offer excellent product protection at a low price, so you won’t have to worry about spending a lot. Mulberry Unlimited offers product protection for all your purchases under the same plan. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of sleeping bags and what you need to know when shopping for an extended warranty.

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Types of sleeping bags

When choosing a sleeping bag to invest in, it’s important to carefully consider the type of sleeping bag that best fits you–a high quality sleeping bag can last for many years (especially with product protection), so it’s not a purchase you want or need to make twice. You should consider what type of sleeper you are, what trips you are most likely to go on, and when you’re most likely to travel. Here are two of the most popular types of sleeping bags on the market today:

Cold weather sleeping bags

Nothing is worse than freezing while you’re trying to sleep on a camping trip. Truly, nothing makes for a worse night of sleep. With a high quality cold weather sleeping bag, however, you’ll never shiver as you’re falling asleep again. With technology to keep you as warm as possible, cold weather sleeping bags can make it just a little bit easier to enjoy your camping trip.

If you get extra cold or enjoy camping in chilly weather, consider investing in a 0 degree sleeping bag. These sleeping bags are made for the most adverse weather conditions and can keep you snug as a bug all night.

Summer sleeping bags

If you’re a hot sleeper, we recommend steering clear of the cold weather sleeping bags during the summer months and instead opting for a summer sleeping bag. Lighter and easier to pack, summer sleeping bags are great if you’ve dressed in layers or know yourself well enough to know that you’re more likely to get hot than cold during the night. 

Popular sleeping bag brands

When choosing a sleeping bag, it’s also smart to shop with high-quality and reputable brands–you want to get the best bang for your buck, after all. LL Bean sleeping bags and Coleman sleeping bags are both popular choices among many outdoor enthusiasts, and are worth looking into when making your final decision about which sleeping bag is best for you.

Why you need an extended warranty for your sleeping bag

While you might not consider yourself a clumsy or accident-prone person, the truth is that accidents happen, especially when it comes to outdoor adventures. It’s easy for your sleeping bag to get torn, stained, or otherwise damaged, and no one likes to spend more money replacing or repairing an item that they only recently purchased. For this reason, it’s smart to invest in an extended warranty for your sleeping bag.

By purchasing an extended warranty plan, you can guarantee that your sleeping bag is protected, no matter what happens when you’re out in the wild. However, purchasing an extended warranty plan doesn’t have to be expensive. Mulberry Unlimited offers protection for all your products in an easy monthly subscription. With no fine print, quick claims processing, and excellent customer service, it’s product protection you can feel good about.

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