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The best budget-friendly ideas for DIY home decor

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You spend the majority of your time in your home, so it only makes sense to really put in the effort to make it feel like a sanctuary. When each room exudes your personal taste and style, it can make day-to-day life that much more invigorating. However, home decor can get expensive, and shopping at big home goods stores doesn't always make financial sense. Luckily, there’s no better way to add a personal touch than by taking on your very own DIY home décor project.

If saving money is your goal, the Mulberry browser extension can help. Purchasing product protection for your DIY home decor items can keep you from having to pay expensive repair and replacement costs.

To help you get those creative juices flowing, we've come up with some DIY project ideas you can get started on as soon as today!

Easy and budget-friendly DIY home décor projects

Whether you're going for a chic minimalistic look or something a little more rustic, you can take any of these home decor ideas and add your own personal touch to make them unique.

Amazon home décor

Amazon is a popular place to source different materials and items that you can combine into your own DIY project. You can also look through Amazon customer reviews, which can help you get a good idea of the quality of the items you're buying.

First, you'll want to decide which room you're going to focus on. For example, if you're trying to spruce up your kitchen, you might want a very plain spice rack that you can paint and decorate to have it match different elements of the room.

Home decor signs

There are so many different ways to DIY home decor signs, it just depends on where the sign is going to go. If you're looking for a rustic vibe, you can look for a plain wooden panel, and hand-paint your family name onto it for the entrance of your home. If you don't fancy yourself as much of a painter, there are many ways to get things printed that you can just stick right on your sign.

Home decor signs are also great for kitchens, bathrooms, children's rooms, and even man caves! It all comes down to what fits your home best and what space you're looking to fill. Keep in mind this could even make a great housewarming present for friends and family!

Floating bookshelf

The concept of a floating bookshelf is by no means new, but it's popular for a reason. Not only are floating bookshelves aesthetically pleasing, they’re also efficient and great space savers.

You also aren't limited to just one specific design—you can incorporate a floating shelf in a corner of a room, above or below a television, or just simply straight on a wall!

Stairway gallery wall

A stairway gallery wall also isn't necessarily a new concept, but it's definitely something you can get creative with. All you need to do is pick out some of your favorite photos that you would like to have on display at all times. They can be photos of your family, recent travel adventures, or anything else that will bring you joy.

You can choose frames of different shapes and sizes for a more unique look, or if you prefer something more clean and modern, you can go for monochromatic frames that are all the same size.


These days, you don't need to have a professional install wallpaper in your home. It’s simple enough to get peel-and-stick wallpaper and do it yourself! Whether you want classic, modern, or preppy wallpaper, your options are endless!

Protect your products with Mulberry

The only thing you have left to do on this DIY journey is download the Mulberry browser extension. Not only will you get rewards for purchases as you shop, but you'll also be able to sign up for product protection for all eligible items, meaning you won't be on the hook for repair and replacement costs in the event of any unfortunate damages.

While this might not feel necessary for low-cost items, things like shelving, frames, and wallpaper can be annoying to replace, so it's definitely worth seeing what protection plans are available for the different materials you're going to need for these projects.

Install the Mulberry browser extension to find the right extended warranty options for your next DIY project.

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