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Home security showdown: Reviewing and rating surveillance systems

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You can’t put a price on safety, especially in your home, which is why home surveillance systems are becoming so popular for all kinds of households, in large cities and small towns alike. However, choosing the right home security products can become overwhelming quickly, so it’s important to know as much as possible before you start browsing.

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What are the best products on the market for home security?

Let's take a look at some of the best products available for home security.

ADT Pulse: 4.5/5

ADT has a longstanding reputation in the security industry, so it’s no surprise that ADT Pulse makes the list. Known for its 24/7 monitoring services and smart home integration options, ADT is a great solution.

Price: Monitoring services start at $52.99/month.

SimpliSafe: 4/5

For homeowners that are looking for a more custom solution, SimpliSafe provides affordable, personalized packages with flexible monitoring options. Users can expect wireless sensors, motion detection, and remote controls via their app. Some users report that video quality could be better, but overall it’s a great option for those on a budget.

Price: Monitoring services start at $27.99/month.

Ring alarm: 4.2/5

Ring has become a household name and synonymous with remote home monitoring devices, including smart doorbells. Known for its user-friendly interface and simple integration with other devices, Ring alarm systems are a convenient way to secure your home at a competitive price.

Price: Basic monitoring services start at $3.99/month.

What is the #1 rated home security system?

Every homeowner has their own preferences, but always be on the lookout for things like mobile app control, professional monitoring, and customizable home security products and packages.

Do you have to have internet for home security cameras?

Not all home security cameras require the internet, however, make sure you’re aware of what features you’re missing out on if you don’t have internet.

If you prefer to use a non-Wi-Fi-enabled security system, keep in mind that you won’t have access to remote features and real-time alerts.

Should I install a security system at home?

Even safe neighborhoods can be vulnerable to unexpected events, so there’s really no such thing as being too careful. Installing a home security system provides you with peace of mind, while also acting as a deterrent to anyone considering your home as a target.

Here are some immediate benefits of installing a home surveillance system:

  • Crime prevention. It’s one thing to have a security sign in your yard, but it’s another thing when potential criminals see cameras monitoring the most vulnerable parts of your property.
  • Remote monitoring. No matter where you are, you can always check in with your home when you have remote security access. This comes in handy if you’re away on vacation or even if you want to check and see if an Amazon package has arrived!
  • Emergency response. Some security systems can alert different authorities of a break-in or other security breach, which is great if you’re away from your home, and convenient if you’re in danger and unable to alert the authorities yourself.

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No matter where you live, home surveillance systems are a simple solution to achieve peace of mind whether you’re at home or away. Make sure to read plenty of home security camera reviews before you decide on which system is right for you, and don’t forget to consider product protection so you’re never without peace of mind.

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