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How to get discount diapers all year long

Woman putting a diaper on her baby

As a new parent (or even an experienced one), saving on diapers is a huge but necessary mission. Diapers are one of the most expensive purchases parents make, averaging just under $1,000 per year. It's one of the most consistent expenses of new parenthood.

While this might seem like an overwhelming amount of money, shopping with the Mulberry browser extension can help you save. You can earn cashback and other rewards on select items, qualify for free product protection plans, and more.

How can you get discount diapers?

Thankfully, there are some great options to save hundreds on diapers all year long! We’ve shared some of our favorite diaper savings below.

Newborn diapers

A quick savings tip right away on newborn diapers: don’t even buy them. Or if you do, buy one pack of newborn diapers, and then no more. You'll get plenty of newborn diapers from the hospital (yes, take those home! They are all yours). Likely, your baby will size out of them within their first few weeks.

Babies experience exponential growth those first few weeks of life, and spending lots of money on newborn diapers can be a waste. Typically parents spend tons on newborn diapers, trying to prepare, then are left with a half-used pack their baby no longer fits comfortably in. Newborn diapers are only designed for babies that are less than 10 pounds. Size 1 diapers, however, are made for babies weighing 8-14 pounds, and will last you much longer.

Kirkland diapers

Although a Costco membership still costs money, you could save hundreds by using Kirkland diapers for your kiddo. But don’t worry, you won’t be sacrificing quality for the cost. In fact, the makers of Huggies diapers also make Kirkland brand diapers. This means you’ll get very similar quality out of Kirkland diapers as you would a name brand, like Huggies.

Just with Costco prices alone, you'll save $10 per box on Kirkland diapers when compared to Huggies. That’s a significant savings, considering most parents go through an average of 2,000 diapers in baby’s first year alone!

All Good diapers

All Good Diapers are exclusively sold at Walmart, and offer up to 12 hours of dryness or your money back. They also donate 1 day of diapers to a baby in need for every box of All Good diapers that are purchased.

The All Good diapers range in price from $8-$35 in varying sizes and diaper counts.

Coterie diapers

Coterie diapers claim to have 70% more absorbency than other diapers, meaning fewer changes and less laundry due to leaks. Along with their great absorbency, they also come at a great price. Coterie offers diaper and wipe bundles for additional savings, so be sure to look for any deal codes on their website!

Coterie diapers come in monthly diaper and wipe bundles, starting at $90 for a 1-month supply and free shipping for orders over $49. Choose autoship/auto renewal and get an additional 10% off.

Hello Bello diapers

Hello Bello diapers are another great money-saving option. They offer diaper and wipe bundles that autoship whenever you need them. Plus, you save money with free additional products that come with each bundle, like shampoo and diaper rash cream, and you get 15% off any extra items you need.

Hello Bello diaper bundles start at $69.99. There's free shipping on orders over $75, and you can cancel or reschedule your autoship at anytime, for any reason.

Shop with Mulberry

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