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How to get the most out of your Apple Watch

Person using an Apple Watch

With the latest release of the Apple Watch 8, it’s important to understand all the features that come with this tiny and convenient but powerful device, especially if you haven’t purchased one yet. From controlling your TV to saving your life, there are several benefits to using an Apple Watch that can enhance your day-to-day life.

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How can you get the most out of your Apple Watch?

Increase your productivity and improve your health with these Apple Watch tips.

Track your sleep

The Apple Watch sleep tracker is a great tool for everyone to use, regardless of fitness or activity level. This enhanced sleep tracking feature can tell you about your REM, core, and deep sleep patterns throughout the night.

To set it up, just locate the Sleep Mode option within your Health app. You can set sleep goals, snooze notifications with wind down time, and even select certain people who can contact you while you’re in sleep mode.

Change your wallpaper

It might be a small thing, but changing your Apple Watch wallpaper is a great way to get yourself in the spirit for something new, whether you’re chasing a new fitness goal, buckling down with your business, or just want to improve the aesthetics of your device interfaces.

Monitor your vitals

The Apple Watch blood pressure feature makes it easy to track important health data without any effort. You can also enable your watch to track your wrist temperature. The temperature sensor feature is especially helpful for women tracking their cycles and fertility, but it’s also helpful to stay alert to avoid getting sick.

Emergency help at the push of a button

Probably the most important feature of your Apple Watch is the emergency contact feature. You’ll first need to enable it from the SOS app, which will instruct you to hold down the side button of your watch to call for help from first responders. Of course, there is an option to end the call in case you hit the button by accident, and sometimes it will ask you which emergency line you want to connect with.

Control your Apple TV

From your app view, find the Remote app and tap it to sync with your existing Apple TV. If you have more than one, you’ll be able to select which one you want to control from your watch.

Set up express transit

If you live in a place like New York that has popular mass transit, make sure you set up express transit on your watch. It takes just a few seconds, and you won't need to shuffle through your bag or pockets while trying to get though the subway turnstile ever again. Simply scan your watch and get on board!


Whether you plan to wait for the next Apple Watch sale or you want to start browsing online as soon as today, don’t forget to install the Mulberry browser extension so you can protect your new device. You'll be able to get three months of free protection, and always have access to the best value product protection on the market.

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