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Why you need an extended warranty for your smartwatch

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Built-in fitness trackers, instant access to messages and phone calls, and dozens of other benefits make smartwatches some of the most useful technology you can invest in, and their popularity continues to rise year after year. Even high-end designers have gotten in on the market, with the Michael Kors smartwatch and Citizen smartwatch two of the more popular options.

Regardless of which smartwatch you choose, it's important to protect your purchase with an extended warranty plan like MulberryCare. Many people wear their smartwatches for nearly every activity, including trips to the grocery store, workouts at the gym, cooking, and cleaning. This creates a lot of opportunities for your smartwatch to get damaged. In order to get your money’s worth out of your investment, make sure you have an extended warranty.

What’s covered under the manufacturer’s warranty?

Like most product types, the coverage offered under smartwatch manufacturer warranties depends on the company that made your smartwatch and the store you bought it from. That said, most manufacturer warranties typically don’t cover anything beyond faulty workmanship or defects in manufacturing, and even that is only covered for a limited amount of time. Let’s take a look at what the manufacturer warranties typically cover for some of the most popular smartwatch brands on the market.

  • Apple Watch. Whether you choose the Apple Watch SE, the Apple Watch Ultra, or the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple’s standard warranty includes one year of protection against manufacturer defects and faulty workmanship, as well as 90 days of technical support.
  • Garmin. Garmin has dozens of smartwatch models, but regardless of which one you choose, the standard warranty coverage is the same. You'll receive one year of coverage for manufacturer defects and hardware failures, but no coverage for cosmetic damage or accidents.
  • Samsung. Samsung smartwatch warranty coverage depends on the model of watch you buy, but you can register your smartwatch on their website to see what standard warranty protection you have.

If you purchase your smartwatch from a retailer, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy all offer unique standard warranties. For a complete understanding of what standard warranty protection your smartwatch has, it’s worth doing some research.

Benefits of an extended warranty plan 

As you’ve probably realized, standard warranty plans typically don’t offer very much protection. In fact, beyond a one year period of coverage for manufacturer’s defects, it’s rare for standard warranty plans to include much else. That’s why investing in an extended warranty is important to make sure your smartwatch is fully protected. Here are some of the benefits of purchasing an extended warranty plan like Mulberry Care:

  • Accident protection. This includes incidents like dropping, stepping on, spilling beverages on, or shattering your smartwatch.
  • Cosmetic damage protection. This means protection against dents, scratches, nicks, and other physical damage to your smartwatch.
  • Free shipping for product replacement. A good extended warranty plan will offer free and fast shipping if you need to replace or repair your smartwatch.

How to choose an extended warranty 

If you’ve decided to purchase an extended warranty for your smartwatch, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The first is that not all extended warranty plans offer the same benefits and coverage. In fact, some extended warranties have a lot of fine print, and come with hidden fees.

Finding an extended warranty plan that fits your needs isn’t an easy feat, so be sure to shop with Mulberry’s free browser extension when you’re trying to compare product plans. You’ll also be able to see what product coverage is available to you in real time.


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