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The best Apple Watch bands

Tray of Apple Watch bands with an Apple Watch next to them

If you aren’t already on the Apple Watch bandwagon, there’s never been a better time to get on board. No matter what type of lifestyle you lead, chances are you could make your day more productive with a smartwatch.

Whether you’re a fitness fanatic trying to keep track of your steps and calories, or you work a demanding office job that keeps you bouncing from meeting to meeting, an Apple Watch will make it easier to manage your daily life. Mulberry Unlimited lets you provide coverage for all your Apple purchases under the same product protection plan. For less than the monthly price of your Apple TV+ subscription, you can protect all your most important Apple products.

Apple lover? Protect what you love under one plan with the Mulberry Unlimited subscription. Only $9.99/month.

Which Apple Watch bands are the best?

With so many options to choose from, it can feel overwhelming to pick just one, especially when some of the best options come with a steep price tag. To help you decide on the perfect style, we’ve selected some of the best choices on the market that can fit into any budget.

Nike Sport band

Athletes love the Nike Apple Watch band because it’s breathable, reliable, and comfortable. The material is meant to last through even the most rigorous athletic activities. As you might expect, this band is also water-resistant, so you can even keep it on when you’re swimming.

Cost: $49 at Apple.

Gold Apple Watch band

Some people hesitate to wear a digital watch because they prefer the classic, chic look of an analog design. However, with the introduction of gold, leather, and designer bands, it’s never been easier to combine technology with forward-thinking fashion.

You can get high-quality, gold-plated bands right from Apple. The Starlight Alpine Loop design is perfect for a sleeker and more modern look, while the gold Milanese loop evokes a more classic vibe that almost resembles chainmail.

Cost: $99 at Apple.

Hermes Apple Watch band

If you really want to make a statement and show off your taste for luxury, Hermes made two styles of leather Apple Watch bands, one with a single tour and another with the signature double tour. Similar to the classic Hermes bracelet and belt designs, their Apple Watch band is a great introduction to collecting different pieces from this classic and ultra-exclusive fashion house.

Cost: $339-$489 at Apple.


SUPCASE offers a wide range of watch bands to choose from at an affordable price. Whether you want something cute and fashionable or rugged and ready for adventure, there’s something suitable for any style, and they’re under $30!

Cost: $26.95 on SUPCASE.


Whether you’re looking for Apple Watch bands for men or women, there are plenty of options for every budget range, taste, and function. Apple Watch Ultra bands are available in most styles, so you’re sure to impress no matter which device you sport on your wrist. Embrace your creative side with a vaporwave aesthetic, or cultivate a more modern look and switch it up as often as you like.

Before you purchase a new band, make sure you install the Mulberry browser extension. Not only can you get free product protection, but you can even earn rewards on eligible purchases.

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