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How to maintain your kitchen knives longer

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Whether you’re a budding chef or an occasional sandwich maker, chances are you probably find yourself reaching for a knife almost every time you’re in the kitchen. When it comes to kitchen tools and gadgets, kitchen knives are certainly a staple, and having a reliable set handy can take your kitchen experience from mediocre to something you look forward to on a daily basis. However, a high-quality knife set can get pretty expensive, and if not properly taken care of, it can wear out within a few years.

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What is the best way to keep your knives in good condition?

While investing in a high-quality set of knives will help you have the best cooking experience, even the nicest knives will wear out if they aren't properly maintained. So how do you care for your kitchen knives so that they stand the test of time? Check out the tips below:

Knife sharpening

Have you ever pulled out your knife to prepare dinner, only to realize it’s not cutting as effortlessly as it used to? Over time, knives become dull, which is not only inconvenient, but can cause a safety issue too! For this reason, it’s important to sharpen your knives on a regular basis. While you can take your knife set to a professional sharpener, there are plenty of ways to easily sharpen your knives from home too. You can purchase a knife sharpening stone, use the bottom of a ceramic mug, or for best results, invest in an electric knife sharpener.

Regardless of how you choose to sharpen your knives, be sure to carefully read the instructions before you start, as sharpening your knives at the wrong angle or with too much force can actually damage them.

Knife storage

Another way to keep your knives in good condition is by storing them properly. Avoid stuffing your knives carelessly in a drawer–this can not only damage and dull them, but poses a safety risk too. Instead, carefully store your knives in a safe place, such as a knife block or a magnetic strip. The less contact your knife set has with other surfaces or blades, the better!

Careful what you cut

Although it might seem self explanatory, one of the best things you can do to protect your knife set is to only use it for cutting food. While you may feel tempted to grab your chef’s knife to cut through a stubborn knot or sever a rope, when it comes to anything besides food, it’s best to leave your knives in the block. Cutting non-food items can actually harm the knife’s blade, causing irreversible damage and wearing it out faster.

For best results, it’s also best to avoid cutting frozen food or bones with your nice knives. These tough surfaces will strain the edge of the knife, which results in extra wear and tear.

How long should a good set of knives last?

If you’ve spent any time shopping for a new knife set, you’ve probably noticed that a good quality set of knives can be pretty expensive (for example, a set of Wusthof knives goes for $1,200!). However, don’t let the price tag deter you–there’s a reason that high-end knives are so pricey. They are meant to last a lifetime!

While you can certainly find a knife set for under $100, chances are that it won’t last more than a few years and you’ll inevitably end up spending more money to replace it anyway, so it’s worth investing in a good set and putting in the effort to keep them nice.

Final thoughts

A high-quality set of knives can make all the difference in your cooking experience, resulting in a quicker, smoother, and overall more enjoyable experience. So make sure you have a good set handy!

If you decide to invest in a knife set, don’t forget to think about product protection for your new purchase. With an extended warranty plan, you can ensure that you get the most out of your new purchase. No need to fret about spending money on expensive repairs or replacements! Be sure to subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited to get coverage for all your online purchases under the same product protection plan.

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