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The best kitchen accessories to help make cooking a breeze

Man and woman cooking in the kitchen

Ordering takeout is nice every once in a while, but there’s nothing more liberating than having all the tools and knowledge you need to cook delicious meals at home. Not only does it give you complete control over the quality of your food, but it provides an unbeatable sense of accomplishment—especially when your family or dinner guests respond with disbelief that you pulled it off on your own. Although kitchen appliances like microwaves, ovens, and air fryers might get a lot of credit, kitchen accessories are just as important.

The best kitchen accessories also deserve the best product protection. While manufacturer warranties might come with some of these products, they don't cover all types of damage your kitchen accessories might encounter. When you shop with the Mulberry browser extension, you can view all the extended warranty plans available for your purchases, ensuring you get the best protection.

Top kitchen accessories to help you go from home cook to certified chef

Let's take a look at the kitchen accessories that can help make your next meal chef's kiss-worthy.

Automatic pan stirrer

It might sound unnecessary at first, but the more you cook, the more you’ll learn that there are a lot of recipes that keep you standing over the stove for extended periods of time. Not only that, but there are plenty of ways to get distracted while you’re preparing a meal.

With an automatic pan stirrer, you'll have more time to focus on other prep, and your sauces will come out better than ever. The next time you realize you’ve been talking to someone for 15 minutes while your sauce is burning on the stove, you can rest assured that it’ll still be intact.

Electric jar opener

Instead of straining your wrist and ruining the mood by getting frustrated over those pesky jar lids, try an electric jar opener. Sometimes jars can really get stuck, and if you don’t have an ultra-strong person by your side to open it up, it could even mean your recipe has to take a raincheck. You’ll be shocked at how much easier it makes even the most mundane and uncomplicated recipes.

Pie bird

We can‘t all be Betty Crocker, but we can certainly channel her with the right tools! One of the most tried and true baking tools that has graced kitchen cabinets for generations is the pie bird.

If you’re unfamiliar, a pie bird is ceramic, hollow tool that gets placed in the center of a pie while it bakes to provide air ventilation, which prevents the pie from bubbling over. They are generally shaped like a bird, but come in lots of different shapes and sizes.

Chefman electric kettle

The Chefman electric kettle is extremely popular in households across the nation, and with good reason. Not only does it display the temperature of your water for optimal steeping quality, but it also comes with 5 easy temperature presets to take the guesswork out of creating the perfect cup of tea.

Before you think this is overkill, you should know that you can actually ruin the quality of your tea if the water temperature is too high!

Wine aerator

Whether or not you host guests often, it’s good to get in the habit of aerating wine before you drink it. It elevates the entire drinking experience from taste to aesthetic, which is why it’s a kitchen staple for any wine-drinking household.

Protect your purchase like a pro

Next time you’re browsing for new kitchen accessories, make sure you download the Mullberry browser extension so you can see which items will qualify for product protection. You never know when a gadget might start to malfunction or a pie bird gets accidentally swiped off the counter, and you want to be protected when it happens.

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