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How to save money amid streaming service price hikes

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Despite an increase in costs, nearly a quarter of American households are signed up for nine or more streaming services, and that doesn’t always mean they’re without cable either. Several companies are raising prices and cracking down on shared logins, so it’s becoming even more necessary to look for new ways to cut costs and save wherever you can.

With so much to stream and so many devices to stream on, it's important to keep product protection in mind. From smartphones to smart TVs to the streaming devices themselves, there are a lot of expensive electronics in use every day that are prone to accidents and damage. An extended warranty plan like MulberryCare can keep them protected so you can continue streaming without interruption.

Once you have a chance to go over what you’re currently paying for, you can consider the tips below to help lower your total monthly bills.

Cancel cable with Hulu + Live TV

Aside from offering their standard streaming service, Hulu has a “Live TV” option that essentially replaces your everyday cable. Not only can you cancel your cable plan, but you can also cancel Disney+, since it comes free with every Hulu + Live TV membership.

A membership to Hulu + Live TV costs $69.99 per month. While this might sound like a steep price, remember that you won’t be paying for cable anymore, and you’re also gaining access to other streaming services, including Disney+.

Find free streaming services

The internet is full of endless resources, and the digital streaming world is no different. If you’re on a tight budget, or are just looking for something that isn’t on the services you currently subscribe to, it’s always worth checking out the free ones.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, Pluto TV, Tubi, and Freevee movies and TV shows are sure to fill the void when you feel like you’ve exhausted other options, or are taking a break from subscriptions.

Share logins (within reason)

You don’t want to share so many logins that you wind up getting interrupted in the middle of your favorite show for having too many users on your account, but if you have space on your plan for more people, consider adding a friend or family member. Even adding one person can cut your monthly expense in half, leaving you with more wiggle room to add another service to your streaming roster.

Don’t think you’re limited to video streaming, either. The Spotify family plan offers exceptional value and only requires that all users reside at the same address.

Free trials and service hopping

Long gone are the days of Netflix and Hulu being our only streaming options. These days, individual networks are coming out with their own streaming platforms, and it’s excessive to subscribe to every single one, especially if you only have one or two shows that you want to watch.

Before anything, you should always sign up for a free trial, especially if you can binge the series before the trial runs out. If you’ve already done Netflix, Hulu, and the other obvious ones, consider a Sling TV free trial, which gives you access to dozens of channels.

If there’s a network-specific platform with several movies or shows you’d like to watch, like Paramount+, for example, sign up for as long as it takes you to finish, then cancel Paramount+ and move on to another platform. You can always sign up again when new seasons come out!

Secure your subscription

Before you decide on which platforms you want to pay for, make sure you install the Mulberry browser extension to earn rewards and get three months of free product protection on all of your streaming devices and other electronics.

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