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The 5 best streaming services for original content

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Original content has seemingly become the name of the game for entertainment streaming services. While some sites simply pay lip service to the trend, putting out mediocre content without caring for quality, others create top-notch series and films that compete with the best production companies in Hollywood.

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What are the best streaming services for original content?

Here are our picks for the 5 best streaming services for original content.

1. HBO Max

Although HBO Max has a small content catalog compared to some other streaming companies, they are long known for making the best original TV and movies. HBO Max commands our attention (and keeps us crawling back for more) with enthralling weekly episode releases that make us nostalgic for water cooler TV discussions.

HBO Max boasts top-notch films including Zack Snyder's Justice League and No Sudden Move, as well as well-executed TV series such as True Detective, Game of Thrones, and The Sopranos. Plus, who isn’t anxiously anticipating The White Lotus season 3?

2. Netflix

If your metrics focus on quantity over quality, Netflix easily takes the cake. They continuously churn out content at a high rate, even though some of it might not get the best reviews.

That said, this entertainment giant does have original award-winning films with star-studded lineups that are hard to beat. For example, just look at the Marriage Story cast, which has two award winners in Adam Driver and Scarlett Johannson in the single movie. Other examples of highly-acclaimed Netflix movies are Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, Beasts of No Nation, and Okja.

Netflix also shines when it comes to creating cult-favorite TV series like I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson, Mindhunter, and Stranger Things. You’d be hard-pressed not to find something good to watch.

3. Hulu

Hulu shines in many TV categories, with recent standout series such as Only Murders in the Building, The Bear, and The Patient continuing to raise the bar for original content. And of course, who can’t wait for The Handmaids Tale season 6?

Hulu also has great films, with popular originals including Run, Deep Water, and Not Okay. This service is dynamic and continues to present a wider and wider variety of content.

4. Amazon Prime

Amazon’s streaming service has continued to evolve steadily since its conception in 2006, and now exists as a fierce competitor in the original TV shows and movies space.

High-quality Prime series include The Man in the High Castle, Patriot, and The Underground Railroad, as well as big-budget movies like The Tomorrow War and The Report.

Amazon’s recent hits, especially our favorites in the drama genre, have us increasingly excited about what’s next as they continue ramping up their original content.

5. Apple TV

Apple TV is still somewhat new to the industry and is nowhere close to the top of the list when it comes to original TV and movies, but breakout hits like Ted Lasso, Severance, and The Morning Show have garnered praise from audiences and critics across the globe.

Apple TV’s original movies are also lesser-known, but this provider boasts some clear successes like Coda, which is an Oscar winner. Apple still has a lot to learn when it comes to making its own quality content, but so far it's on the rise.

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