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Which music streaming service has the best perks and add-ons?

Smartphone showing various music streaming apps

Music streaming is now an essential staple for music lovers across the globe, but the abundance of options makes it hard to decide which service will best fit your specific needs. From Spotify to Deezer to Apple Music and more, each service comes with its advantages, special features, and perks that may or may not make it the right one for you.

Regardless of which music streamer you decided to go with, remember to protect your streaming devices with an extended warranty plan like MulberryCare. An extended warranty can provide coverage for everything from spilling water on your computer to normal wear and tear that a device goes through over the course of daily use.

Let's take a look at the music streaming services with the best perks and add-ons, so you can start rocking.


With countless additional features, innovative perks, and fun extras, the well-known Swedish streaming giant Spotify is your best bet for the music streaming service with the best add-ons. In addition to a massive library with over 100 million tracks, Spotify also has great perks for its paid plans, such as the Spotify Family Plan, which comes with 6 accounts, Spotify Kids access, and music censoring capabilities, and the Spotify Student Plan, which comes with Hulu with ads and Showtime access.

On top of that, here are even more unique features that are available with a Spotify subscription:

  • Accurate artist, song, and playlist recommendations based on a single playlist or your entire listening history.
  • Convenient podcast integration.
  • “Made for You” mixes and a playlist curator. 
  • Regularly presented and personalized compilations like “Discover Weekly,”  “Spotify Wrapped,” and “Daily Mixes.”
  • Concert-discovery.
  • Streamlined sharing via a diverse range of platforms.
  • Social elements like Facebook connectivity, the ability to see what your friends are listening to, and collaborative playlist-creation capabilities.
  • Artist-muting. 
  • “Spotify Blend,” which allows you to create a unique playlist that combines preferences with up to 10 people.
  • Crossfade in between songs.
  • Sleep-timer.
  • Private listening.
  • Remote control options.

The best of the rest

While many streaming services offer fun extras paired with large music libraries and quality audio sound, Spotify still clearly takes the cake regarding add-ons and perks. A few companies, however, compete with Spotify better than the rest.

Apple Music

Apple's music streamer boasts perks like Apple Music replay, social listening tools, and live radio. It offers amazing audio options, such as Spatial (with Dolby Amos) and Lossless audio. It also provides adaptive capabilities like library view customization and EQ profile versatility.


Deezer offers great artist and song suggestions, synced play queues, and recommendation-disallowing. It presents amazing Hi-Fi sound quality and compatibility with many devices, and provides fun perks like music quizzes and the “Songcatcher” feature, which allows you to identify songs through a device microphone.


A basic no-cost account comes with unlimited free SoundCloud plays. More elements include audience engagement tracking, hosting, and mixing through select DJ apps with a paid subscription. SoundCloud features a vast library full of underground artists, lesser-known tracks, and integrated messaging.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music offers conveniences like the YouTube Music downloader, background playing capabilities, and accessibility to music while traveling (even when tracks aren’t otherwise available in certain regions). It has an extensive library and allows you to upload your music files (MP3, OGG, FLAC) to your library and download tracks offline.

Protect your streaming devices with Mulberry

No matter which streaming service you choose, the device you’ll use to take advantage of these innovative add-ons will last longer with an extended warranty. Electronics can break down over time, and are vulnerable to accidents and damage through daily use. An extended warranty is a great way to ensure your devices are covered so you don't have to pay expensive repair and replacement costs.

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