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IKEA hacks to take your DIY project to the next level

Paper bag with the IKEA logo on it next to a collection of household items

The furniture at IKEA offers well-designed and essential home basics, including everything you could need to set up your kitchen, bedroom, home office, and more. But what if you want to personalize your interior design style and functionality to fit your unique needs? IKEA hacks are the perfect solution, as they allow you to stick with the quality and budget of IKEA, while creating a product for yourself that feels truly customized.

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What does IKEA hack mean? 

IKEA hacking is a trend where people personalize their IKEA furniture by making DIY changes that enhance the style, functionality, or purpose of each piece. Because IKEA furniture is such a reliable and accessible option, many customers wind up having some of the same items in their home, without much personalization. Using hacks, customers can make furniture items into their dream products.

For the bedroom

If you're looking to upgrade your bedroom to meet a more personal style, you can achieve mid-century, vintage, or glamorous looks by making some basic modifications to your IKEA bedroom furniture. To execute a simple IKEA dresser hack, you can add a new top surface to the standard Rast dresser, including hardwood or contact paper with a marble finish. You can also paint the full dresser, stain the wood, or change the hardwood to add metal handles with a more unique finish. Finally, adding decal stickers across the front face can give the drawer set a visual pattern.

Similarly, you can complete an IKEA nightstand hack by adding cane mesh to the front of the drawers for a boho feel, or by gluing pole wrap to the front face and painting the entire piece to create a fluted look.

For storage

The Hemnes shoe cabinet is popular among IKEA customers for its storage capacity, but its plain appearance makes it recognizable and generic. Adding a top surface made of wood or screwing in hardware (including getting experimental with leather loops) is an IKEA hack shoe cabinet favorite that makes the piece looks like a dresser or entryway sideboard.

For a creative IKEA bookshelf hack, you can place contact paper along the back surface to give it a patter, paint the full bookshelf to match your walls so it looks like a built in, or connect pieces with a mounted TV in between to give the feel of an entertainment center. For another IKEA built in hack, you can even create a horizontal bench with a Pax wardrobe unit by laying it on its side against a bookshelf with a wood surface and some pillows.

For the home office

The furniture at IKEA is perfect for creating a modular and adaptable home office. When it comes to a desk setup, every customer has a different preference. Plus, some households need the home office space to fit two computers, or spaces for the children.

The most popular IKEA desk hack is to use multiple Alex drawers as desk legs and storage (all in one!) and use longer pieces of plywood as a desk surface to make a wall-to-wall installation that is perfect for multiple people or flexible workstations.

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