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Introducing MulberryCare: The First-Ever Free Accident Protection Program for Online Shoppers

Announcing our latest move to redefine product protection by bringing free protection to consumers wherever they shop online. 

I’m thrilled to announce the official launch of MulberryCare, the first-ever free accident protection program for ecommerce purchases. Our new offering allows shoppers to get 12 months of free accident protection on any eligible products wherever they shop online. 

Shoppers feel more confident making important purchases online when there is product protection. This has been confirmed by our 2021 consumer research, which found that 32% of people won’t purchase from a retailer unless it offers product protection, and 43% of shoppers have regretted not purchasing product protection in the past. 

Protect unlimited online purchases for $9.99/month

Problems with old-school warranties 

Despite customers wanting protection, they’re not always sure if warranties are worth it. There are several hundred Google searches each month for “should I buy an extended warranty”, and the results are not always encouraging.

These searches turn up numerous headlines like “Here’s Why an Extended Warranty on Electronics is a Waste of Money” and “Why You Should Steer Clear of Extended Warranties”. Extended warranties and the legacy product protection industry have earned some difficult press in the past to say the least. How did a service that is so important to shoppers’ peace of mind develop such a negative reputation?

With MulberryCare, we’ve created a product protection offering that solves shoppers’ concerns about price, coverage, and customer service.

It’s simple. People trying to protect their products have been overcharged and underserved. According to a consumer survey conducted by Mulberry in February 2021, 44% of shoppers who wanted to add product protection beyond the manufacturer warranty felt that the options available to them were too expensive. Another 40% of shoppers chose not to add protection because the coverage or customer service on their protection plans has been lacking. 

We started Mulberry to change that. We want to give customers a better experience with product protection. MulberryCare, the first-ever free accident protection program for online shoppers, is the next big step in that journey.

MulberryCare is made to solve customer concerns

With MulberryCare, we’ve created a product protection offering that solves shoppers’ concerns about price, coverage, and customer service. 

Price: 12 months of free protection on any eligible product. Customers who want longer-term protection can buy it at the lowest rates on the market. We challenge you to find less expensive protection elsewhere, and if you do, we’ll beat their prices, guaranteed. 

Coverage: Get accident protection with your MulberryCare plans. That means product defects, drops, spills, stains, and more are all covered. Mulberry plans go way beyond the old school extended warranties. We stay away from complicated requirements and exclusions to make sure when something goes wrong, we approve as many claims as possible.

Customer Service: We’ve built out an online customer portal and digital claims process. This means that managing your protection plan and filing a claim with Mulberry is the smoothest process on the market. And if you have any questions in your process, our highly-rated customer support team is there to help 24/7.

How MulberryCare works

So, how does it work?

Every Mulberry user gets 12 months of free protection against product defects, spills, stains, and more regardless of where you buy. You can get covered whether you’re shopping at mass retailers like Amazon and Walmart or the latest new ecommerce brands. 

Mulberry has streamlined the supply-chain, meaning no middlemen, no upcharges, and programs that are 100% created, backed, and serviced by Mulberry.

There are no limits on the number of MulberryCare plans per customer. Once you activate your MulberryCare plan, if anything goes wrong during your free year of protection, you can easily file a claim in minutes through Mulberry’s online dashboard and have your product repaired, replaced, or refunded—with no deductibles or hidden fees.

Product protection that is both free and promises great service? Sounds too good to be true, but we promise, it’s not. Here’s how we made it happen: 

Traditionally, when you purchase a protection plan, there are a lot of parties involved: from Obligors to Administrators to Underwriters, each is looking to take a slice of the pie. That means you, the shopper, end up paying a high cost plan just to compensate every company involved. 

Mulberry has streamlined the supply-chain, meaning no middlemen, no upcharges, and programs that are 100% created, backed, and serviced by Mulberry. This allows us to bring you 12 months of best-in-class accident protection for free, as well as offer you longer-term protection plans at the lowest rates on the market, guaranteed.

How to get MulberryCare

We’re launching a brand new MulberryCare browser extension to make getting MulberryCare as easy as possible for our customers. When enabled, our extension automatically identifies when you’re browsing for a product that is eligible for MulberryCare and allows you to add protection to your purchase with just a few clicks. 

If your product isn’t recognized, you can still get your MulberryCare offer through filling out a simple form. Within the extension, you’ll also have options to purchase multi-year  accident protection for up to 5 years at incredible cost savings. 

Once you claim free MulberryCare, activate your protection plan within your Mulberry account and you’re good to go.

As always, you can continue to purchase Mulberry protection plans directly from our select retail partners, including Hayneedle, Pier 1, Breville, and Helix Sleep.

To get started, download the Mulberry extension and start getting immediate free  protection on your purchases today.


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Chinedu Eleanya

About the author

Chinedu is Founder and CEO at Mulberry.

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