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Readers rejoice! The best book subscription boxes for the family

Father and son sitting on the couch reading a book together

Most of us have heard about the countless benefits that come from reading. But does it really make that big of a difference? The answer is yes. In fact, reading helps support brain development, spurs creativity and imagination, and can lead to increased academic success. But in a day where tablets and video games reign, how can you convince your family members to actually ditch the screens and hit the books?

If you’re hoping to get your family hooked on reading, there’s no better way than with a book subscription box. And, by purchasing an extended warranty plan along with your great new books, you won't be left on the hook for expensive replacement costs if your books arrive damaged or they just aren't the right fit for you. Shop with the Mulberry browser extension to find the latest deals and protection plans for your purchases.

What are the best book subscriptions?

Forget about making time to go to the library or the bookstore–with a book subscription box, you’ll have new reads shipped directly to your door as often as you’d like! There are lots of options to choose from, so which one is the best fit for your family? Check out our list of the best book subscriptions.

Book of the Month

Hungry to read, but not sure where to start? Sometimes the hardest part of reading is deciding which books are worth your time! Luckily, you can let Book of the Month take care of that part for you. With a Book of the Month subscription, you’ll get access to some of the most popular, expertly-vetted books each month, and all for a fantastic deal. You can get your first month for only $9.99, and every other month for only $16.99, which is much cheaper than buying the books yourself from a bookstore, and much easier than making the trek to the library.

Having a calm month with extra time to read? Easily adjust your order to include more than one book. Not sure you’re going to read at all next month? Book of the Month allows you to skip months when you don’t have as much time.

Elephant Books

While book subscriptions may seem like a good idea for the older kids and adults in your family, you might be wondering what to do for the little ones, especially kids who can’t read yet. If you’re looking for a book subscription that’s specifically geared towards little kids, Elephant Books might be the best option for you. Elephant Books is a book club for babies and small children, from newborns to six years of age.

From board books to picture books, Elephant Books will ship 3 books per month to your doorstep–no need to stress about hunting down books for your baby or toddler yourself. A monthly subscription starts at $29.99 per month.

Literati Kids

If you’re looking for a book club that’s geared toward helping your child advance their reading skills, look no further than Literati Kids. Designed to both help your child develop a love for reading and advance educationally, Literati Kids delivers monthly boxes of five books each that match your child’s reading level.

Worried you won’t like all of the books? Luckily, Literati Kids allows you to keep the books you like and return the ones you weren’t a fan of, so you’ll only spend money on books that are worth it to you. That said, this option is somewhat expensive, with a 1-month subscription going for $60, although prices decrease the more months you sign up for.

Owl Crate

If your kids aren’t already into books, they might need something a little extra to get them excited about reading. Luckily, Owl Crate offers book subscription boxes for kids, but with a unique spin: instead of a few books in a box, Owl Crate ships books that are tied to a monthly theme. From fairytales to folklore, romance, and intrigue, you never know what you will find when you open your monthly subscription box. The box also comes with small accessories and toys that tie into the theme.

Plans go for $35.99 a month for a single month subscription, and decrease the more months you sign up for.

Start reading today

If you’re hoping to instill a love of reading in your family members but you’re short on time, feeling lost about which books to buy, or simply not sure where to start, a book subscription can make all the difference in helping your family embrace reading.

And remember to protect all your purchases with an extended warranty plan, so you never have to be without your next book shipment. Install the Mulberry browser extension to view the best product protection plans for your items, earn rewards as you shop, and more!

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