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The best subscription boxes for Father’s Day

Daughter giving her father a gift

Looking for the perfect gift for the dad in your life this Father’s Day? While most dads won’t say no to a new power tool, their favorite treat, or a book of dad jokes, it might be time to think outside the box. If you’re looking for the perfect way to show your dad how much you care this Father’s Day, consider a gift that he can enjoy all year long: a subscription box. Full of goodies and delivered straight to his doorstep, a subscription box will make your dad feel spoiled all year long.

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What are the best subscription boxes for Father's Day?

Interested in purchasing a subscription box, but not sure where to start? Here’s a look at some of the best subscription boxes to gift the dad in your life this Father’s Day:


If you have a dad who loves to dress sharp (or one who needs a little style help), you can’t go wrong with a Sprezzabox subscription. Classy, tasteful, and only $28 per month, the dad in your life will receive a carefully curated box of stylish men’s items and accessories delivered straight to his doorstep every month.

From a new pair of suspenders to a sharp-looking tie, a Sprezzabox is packed with items that any man would enjoy. A Sprezzabox subscription is sure to be a gift your dad will look forward to throughout the year.

Bespoke Post boxes

Looking for a way to treat your dad while also supporting small businesses? Look no further than a Bespoke Post boxes subscription. Bespoke Post boxes are filled to the brim with unique goods that the dad in your life is sure to love. Choose from a variety of themes, including food, men’s fashion, wine, outdoor gear, and more. For only $49 per month, a Bespoke Post box is a delivery your dad will look forward to every month.

One of the best perks of a Bespoke Post box subscription is that it’s flexible–you can always skip a month or cancel anytime. The recipient also has the option to customize the box to perfectly fit his tastes every month. He’ll have the chance to review the contents and swap items that don’t interest him for something he’ll like even better.

Dollar Shave Club razors

Have a dad who prefers practical gifts? What better gift could you give him than a subscription of Dollar Shave Club razors? Most men would agree that there’s nothing worse than running out of shaving cream or razors, and now he’ll never have to–he’ll have everything he needs delivered directly to his doorstep before he even realizes he’s running out. The best part? A Dollar Shave Club razor subscription is completely customizable, meaning you won’t have to worry about sending him items that won’t be useful.

Take the Dollar Shave Club quiz to find out the perfect combination of products for your dad. From shave butter to razor heads and post-shave dew, this subscription is a gift he’ll find both fun and practical. There are a variety of subscriptions available at a range of different prices, so there's truly something for everyone.

Craftsman Crate

Does your dad love to work with his hands? If so, you can’t go wrong with a Craftsman Crate subscription. Packed with the tools he needs to learn a new and unique skill, your dad will look forward to his Craftsman Crate subscription every month.

Examples of past crates include candle making sets, plaster work kits, calligraphy, wood burning, and much more. A Craftsman Crate subscription is perfect for the dad who loves to learn new things, the one who has everything, or the dad who simply loves practical gifts. Prices start at $41.97 a month.

Grill Masters Club

If your dad likes to get behind the grill, there's no better gift than a subscription to the Grill Masters Club. Packed with fun sauces, seasonings, and tools, he’ll have a grilling season he’ll never forget. Choose from one box a month, every two months, or even once a quarter, with prices starting as low as $40.99 per month. You can even choose how often you’ll be charged.

As a bonus, your dad will enjoy far more than the products in the box–the Grill Masters Club also provides exclusive codes so members can enjoy even greater deals and discounts on grilling goodies they’ll love.

Treat the dad in your life

This Father’s Day, show your dad how much you care about him by giving him a subscription box membership. From gear for nature lovers to beauty products and artisan foods, there’s something for every dad.

And if you really want to make him proud, subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited for product protection on all your dad's subscription box items under the same plan. It's the ultimate product protection plan, for everyone's peace of mind. Happy Father’s Day!

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