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The best cashback and rewards apps for online shopping

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Thanks to ever-evolving technologies, we now have access to tons of software, apps, and websites that help us earn cashback on a range of purchases. Using rewards programs while online shopping is a great way to save or acquire additional funds. Learning how to get cashback may seem daunting, but the intelligent systems available nowadays automate most aspects of the process and allow you to earn rewards with ease.

Whenever you shop online, it's important to protect your purchases with an extended warranty. Product protection plans like MulberryCare (one of the great rewards apps included on our list) can ensure your online purchases are covered no matter what.

So, which online shopping cashback and rewards apps are the best? We analyzed a wide range of options and made a list of our favorites.


The Ibotta app offers free cashback on purchases made online and in person. You can easily access this user-friendly system through a browser or application to earn cash rewards from over 300 retailers, with welcome and referral bonuses also available.

To get your rewards, you’ll usually need to upload a receipt. However, if purchases are made with a loyalty card or through certain brand websites featured on the Ibotta app, cashback will be granted automatically. Cashback rates go as high as 30%, and payouts are made via your bank account, PayPal, or Venmo.


Through the MyPoints mobile app or desktop site, you can earn points to redeem for gift cards. You win these points by taking surveys, shopping in certain categories, playing games and daily challenges, or even signing up for a variety of trial services. You can also earn points by booking hotels or flights.

MyPoints partners with tons of third-party retailers, offers a range of ways to earn credits, and has helped over 9 million users get cashback rewards.


Rakuten has been quality tested on a massive scale. This well-known provider has helped members earn $2.2 billion in cashback since 1999, and partners with over 3,500 stores. To use it, just create an account and then shop through the app, website, or browser extension.

Activating Rakuten rewards offers can get you up to 15% cashback on online purchases. Get paid later via check or PayPal.

Mulberry Rewards

Through the Mulberry browser extension, you can earn cashback rewards in the form of “coins,”  which are redeemable for Visa or Amazon gift cards. Get points by making any online purchase, referring friends, taking quizzes, or signing up for extended warranty plans.

With this option, you’ll also get great customer service, additional money-saving perks, and exclusive financial offers.

Capital One Shopping Rewards

Through Capital One Shopping rewards, you can earn credits on tons of purchases and redeem them for gift cards. You’ll earn points by spending on online products or travel-related bookings.

To use this program, just create an account on CapitalOneShopping.com (or through the mobile app), and make purchases through the featured “deal” links. You can also install the Capital One browser extension, which automatically applies coupons for you, searches for the cheapest price, and records your shopping credits instantly.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 is an app that helps you earn cash rewards, offering payouts from $20. It allows you to select offers in categories like gas, groceries, or everyday items. You’ll then shop, select the offers you used, scan your receipt, and wait for your cash rewards to come through.

It’s easy to use, straightforward, and free, but some users don’t love that it requires manual proof-of-purchase uploads.


This well-reviewed site offers cash rewards and gift cards for “SB points,” earned by making purchases through certain retailers or completing online tasks. You’ll need to link offers or retailers to your card before making purchases in person or shopping online (through swagbucks.com/shop) with your linked card. Swagbucks offers payouts via PayPal starting from just $1, or gift cards are also available to a wide range of retailers.


Befrugal works automatically via a web browser, app, or web extension to apply coupons instantly, provide exclusive offers, and earn you cashback from over 5,000 stores. It’s a free, streamlined, and simple way to get rewards while shopping online.

You can use BeFrugal to both save on purchases and generate cash rewards. You’ll get paid via check, PayPal, direct deposit, Venmo, Zelle, or gift card.

Protecting your online purchases

With all these exciting cashback and rewards opportunities, it's important to keep product protection in mind. Protecting your online purchases with an extended warranty can ensure you're covered in case of any accidents, damage, or anything else that might happen to your products.

Install the Mulberry browser extension to view all available product protection plans for your items in real time while you shop. You'll also qualify for three months of product protection for free on eligible products.

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