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5 Tips All Online Shoppers Should Know to Save Big

Online shopping is great for convenience. And saving is easier than ever with sites, apps and extensions that do the work for you to find great deals.

An extended warranty plan like MulberryCare can help protect the products you buy online, so you'll be covered in case of damage, normal wear and tear, and more.

Here are five you should know about if you like to save money while online shopping.

1. SlickDeals

How it works: 

Users find and share deals with the community on a huge range of things from lawnmowers to audible subscriptions. Deals include sales, discounts, and limited time offers.

You can browse the hottest deals or look by category to see what offers are available for something you’re interested in.

You should try it if:

  • You are a deal hunter who loves looking for big savings on any item.
  • You are open to a variety rather than looking for a specific product.

Tips to maximize savings:

  • If you’re looking in a specific category, sign up with deal alerts so you can get notified as soon as new things are discounted.

2. Rakuten

How it works:

Install the “cash back button” extension and let it work while you shop. You’ll get notified if cash back is available on a product or store you are browsing. Your cash back payouts will get sent to you via PayPal. 

You should try it if:

  • You’re fine paying full price now to build up cash back rewards later.
  • You want to find discounts at specific stores. 

Tips to maximize savings:

  • Users can compare cash back amounts on different sites from Google search results when searching specific products.

3. Honey

How it works:

Add this browser extension to your desktop and it will automatically search for coupons while you’re shopping on certain sites. It will find the coupon code with the best deal and add it to your cart for you before you checkout.

You should try it if:

  • You love coupons but hate sorting through offers for applicable deals that aren’t expired.
  • You’re a lazy shopper - you want to get discounts but without the search work to find them.

Tips to maximize savings:

  • Use the extension to price compare across Amazon sellers to make sure you’re finding the best deal on each Amazon purchase.

4. Wirecutter

How it works:

The product editorial experts at the New York Times test and review new products and write about their findings. Articles with their recommended top products often have promo codes for big discounts.

Users with free accounts have access to a certain number of articles monthly while subscribers have unlimited access. 

You should try it if:

  • You like to read reviews on items before you buy.
  • You want expert recommendations to find top product picks.

Tips to maximize savings:

  • Check out the daily deals column on the side of the home page for deals on their highly rated product finds.

5. Mulberry

How it works:

The free browser extension automatically checks products you find while online shopping and gives you a price comparison for product coverage.

Download it to get unlimited affordable protection plans wherever you shop online. Spills, drops, rips, cracks, malfunctions, and more: it’s all covered!

You should try it if:

  • You’ve ever had a broken product that wasn’t covered by the manufacturer warranty.
  • You’ve seen warranty programs like AppleCare, Walmart warranty, and Asurion but aren’t sure if protection plans are worth it

Ways to maximize your savings:

  • This extension allows you to comparison shop warranties even on sites that have their own warranty offering, so you can see if your product can be covered and what the cost of coverage can be to compare it to what the site is offering.

Take Advantage of Online Shopping Savings

When a single search of a product has hundreds of results, it can be hard to find the best discounts. From browser extensions to deal forums, there are a lot of options for customers looking to save.


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