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The best live streaming platforms

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When it comes to creating content, the competition is fierce, but there’s no such thing as an oversaturated market if you have something unique to offer your audience. One of the best ways to connect with your followers is by going live regularly on different popular streaming platforms.

If you want to avoid live stream fails, it’s important to use quality platforms you can trust, so you don’t need to worry about losing viewers due to poor streaming quality, connection disruptions, and other common setbacks. Product protection is the first step in ensuring your live stream goes as expected. With plans available for everything from video cameras to laptops to microphones and more, your live streaming equipment will be protected no matter what.

Instagram Live

If you want to have a real digital presence, you need to have an active Instagram account and a regularly updated feed. So, it makes sense to take advantage of Instagram's live-streaming features if you’re already active on the platform.

You can go live solo or choose up to three other users to join you in a virtual room. Before you host your live stream, you can promote it and get an idea of what your audience might want to hear about by posting Q&A’s on your story or asking for feedback in the comments of your posts.

Cost: Free—and no minimum follower account required.


StreamYard is a popular live-streaming studio with a simple interface that makes it easy for anyone to connect with their audience on several platforms. You won’t need to download any complicated software, as this runs right from your browser. You can invite guests to join, participate in public and private chats with participants, and add branding to your stream, among other features. 

Cost: Paid plans start at $20/month, but you can easily get started with the free version.


Streamers appreciate Wirecast for its intuitive user interface and professional-grade production capabilities. You’ll be able to create studio-quality streams with social media integrations and an extensive library of lower-thirds titles and templates.

This one isn’t necessary if you’re brand new to streaming, but the Wirecast software is widely used by seasoned streaming professionals. So, it might be worth choosing something free or low-cost to start out, then upgrade to more sophisticated software like this one once you get some experience.

Cost: Basic version for $500; Wirecast Pro for $799.


Restream is another browser-based streaming studio that has blown up in recent years. Users love Restream because it allows you to broadcast to over 30 social media platforms, along with other features.

You’ll be able to measure your progress and plan better for future content with advanced analytics, and gain access to other features like a scheduler tool and the Restream chat.

Cost: Free plan provides streaming for 2 channels; paid plans start from $16/month.


When you go live on different platforms you immediately expand your potential for growth, increase your visibility and build credibility as a streamer. These days, your brand is only as good as your digital presence, so you always need to make sure you’re using the best tools and resources out there.

Before you commit to any paid plans, make sure to install the Mulberry browser extension and check out the product protection plans available for your streaming equipment, and even qualify for free plans.

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