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The best music streaming services

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If you’re an avid music streamer, you’re bound to have a preferred way of accessing and consuming your music media. Some services shine when it comes to sound quality, while others stand out with special perks and fun features.

Whichever music streaming service you prefer, the need for product protection is the same. With so many devices to stream from, it's vital to ensure they're protected from issues that can arise from accidents, damage, and even normal wear and tear. An extended warranty plan like MulberryCare is a great way to protect your listening devices, so you can keep rocking out without interruption.

After analyzing factors such as innovative capabilities, price, device compatibility, and interface design, we’ve chosen our six favorite music streaming services—listed in no particular order. Whatever your priorities are, one of these streaming services is sure to satisfy your music needs.

Apple Music

Apple Music made waves when it first launched in 2015, and has continued to evolve throughout recent years. It’s the service of choice for many Apple lovers, even coming free with some device purchases.

Apple Music’s library encompasses over 100 million tracks and offers curated playlists (including the year-in-review Apple Music Replay), live radio, and offline listening capabilities. Higher-tier subscriptions feature immersive listening experiences through “Spatial” and “Lossless” audio options. From the recognizable Apple Music icon to the sleek interface, the aesthetics of the application are impressive.

Plans start from $4.99/month without offline listening, social elements, or special audio offerings. More robust plans start at 10.99/month. There's also an Apple Music student discount for 5.99/month.


This iconic music streaming leader has the most subscribers of any service. It offers a free plan with Spotify ads and a limited number of “skips,” as well as paid plans that present a vast range of features and extras like Spotify Wrapped, curated weekly playlists, and Spotify Blends.

The well-known streaming giant socially integrated as well through the “What Your Friends are Listening to” element and Facebook connectivity. The Spotify web player and the app are both user-friendly, beautifully designed, and high-quality. Premium accounts start from $9.99/month or $4.99/month for students.


This streaming service continues to gain in popularity and capability. Qobuz offers unbelievable HiFi sound quality, the ability to purchase music to own, and over 500,000 album reviews and artist bios.

Qobuz is lauded for paying artists well, something most other services fail to do, and has an extensive library with over 100 million tracks. The Qobuz web player and app are also super fun and easy to use. Plans start at $10.93/month.

Sirius XM

Sirius XM is a live radio streaming service presented by a broadcasting company, which differs from the aforementioned services (which offer mainly on-demand audio features). It integrates seamlessly with vehicles as well as mobile devices and web browsers.

This provider has many partnerships with radio hosts and celebrities. It also presents artist-curated channels, live coverage of awards shows, and on-site festival coverage. With a Sirius XM account, you’ll have access to subscriber-only events, concert series, and sports play-by-play. Subscriptions range from $12.99-$22.99/month.


SoundCloud represents the underground side of the music industry, featuring lesser-known or up-and-coming tracks, artists, and DJ mixes. Users can easily promote and share their own music and podcasts, like and comment on tracks, and repost songs to their profile.

SoundCloud can be used for free with ads and without downloading capabilities. Paid plans go for $4.99/month or $9.99/month with added capabilities such as mixing tracks within select DJ apps.


Deezer is an overlooked competitor in the music streaming space that offers excellent Hi-Fi audio and incredibly accurate suggestions based on listening habits.

Its user interface is well-organized and streamlined. Subscribers appreciate the high rates this service pays artists, the wide range of tracks, and the many great add-ons like Deezer music quizzes. Plans start at $10.99/month or $5.99/month for students.

Protect your streaming devices with Mulberry

If you truly want to get the best listening experience out of your music streaming service, it's important to protect the devices you listen on. Product protection can ensure your smartphone, tablet, computer, and more are covered in case of accidents, damage, and anything else that might happen.

Shop with Mulberry's browser extension to view available extended warranty plans in real time, and get three months of product protection on eligible items absolutely free.

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