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The best sunscreen to protect your skin

Mom applying sunscreen to her daughter's face at the beach

While you may be excited to get your tan back when summer comes around, it’s really time to focus on taking care of your skin so you can avoid any negative health effects associated with skin damage. Sunscreen plays a vital role in this effort, and in this article, we will review why sunscreen matters, what to look for in a product, and which options are crowd favorites.

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Why is sunscreen important?

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays have a damaging effect on our skin, and can cause harm, early aging, and largely increase an individual’s risk of developing skin cancer. Typically, our skin is the barrier that protects us from the sun, but when it gets damaged in the process, the outcomes are less than ideal.

Sunscreen is an important product to keep in your bag and wear on a daily basis, especially when you are spending long periods of time outdoors doing activities like running or swimming. Even on cloudy days, when you would think the sun isn’t strong, UV rays can shine through and harm the skin, so it is important to wear it every day to keep your skin healthy as you go about your life.

What should I look for in a sunscreen product?

The strength of a sunscreen product is measured by SPF, which stands for Sun Protection Factor. SPF 30 blocks most UV rays, but pick higher numbers like 50 if you have very light skin or are going to be in an exposed area for extended periods, like on a beach or playing sports. Additional qualities to consider are:

  • Broad-spectrum coverage which protects against both UVA and UVB rays, the former of which cause early aging. So, if small wrinkles and sun spots are a concern to you, aim for broad-spectrum.
  • Creams that are focused on specific skin types can be helpful if you have oily skin, dry skin, or acne that needs special attention.
  • Application types can vary with sunscreen. Some are tubes of lotion, others are gels, sticks, or even sprays. Pick an option that will be easy for you to apply.
  • Note the expiration date, as expired sunscreen will not be effective.

What are the best sunscreen options?

Supergoop sunscreen

This high-end option is a brand that offers various SPF numbers, skin type variations, and products for all users. They even have makeup products with SPF, glow sticks, and everyday lotion of 50 SPF. You can buy their products online, or in retailers like Blue Mercury and Sephora.

EltaMD sunscreen

This option includes products such as tinted SPF that acts as a makeup base. They also offer lip balm that can help you avoid getting sunburned lips, body lotions, and a variety of high-end products for all skin types from oily to dry, normal, and acne-prone skin.

Blue Lizard

This brand is a reliable option for full body coverage when you are doing outdoor activities or sports. Customers love their product because it is easy to apply and comes in larger bottles that are ideal if you are sharing with the whole family.

Banana Boat

Customers love this option because it isn’t greasy and absorbs quickly so you can get straight to your outdoor activities or swimming without streaky white cream all over your back.

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