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The best travel-friendly fitness equipment to stay in shape on the go

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Traveling makes it hard to stick with fitness and health goals because you lose your routine, don’t have access to the tools you need, and spend most of your time doing much needed eating and relaxing. It can be challenging when you may not even have time to make healthy choices for lunch or get a chance for daily movement or a short walk.

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What's the best travel-friendly fitness gear?

In order to ensure that you have the time and tools you need to stay active on your next trip, we recommend investing in one or several of these items.

SPRI resistance bands

SPRI sells a variety of bands, from the super band to flat band loops, all at affordable prices. These small, compact items make it super easy to squeeze them into a suitcase and will help you manage the physical toll that travel can take on the body. Since they are flat and easy to roll, you can bring them anywhere, and then take a few minutes in your hotel room to do some stretching of the legs, back, and shoulders.

TRX bands

This brand offers several items that can help you in your travels. Their famous suspension training tools, like the TRX Home2 System, can fit in any travel bag, and can then be affixed to a door, allowing you to do upper body and core training in your room. The even smaller TRX BANDIT is a much more affordable option that also allows you to use resistance to do upper body and core workouts on the go, as it rolls up to the size of a jump rope.

Exercise ball

While a typical yoga ball is not travel-friendly, smaller yoga balance half balls, available at retailers like Walmart, can be a great transportable tool to pack with you. With a range of balancing activities available, you can work on your core strength while on the go, without having to worry about a large piece of equipment. You'll be able to do some similar exercises that you may do with a Bosu exercise ball at the gym, but on a much smaller scale.

Ab roller

Also called an ab wheel, these small pieces of equipment can fit in a checked bag and offer the option to practice challenging fitness exercises while on your trip. Combining core, upper body, and leg strength, an ab roller is harder than it looks, and can help you get in a quick full-body workout while on the go. As a relatively affordable item, you can get one on Amazon for around $20.

Travel foam roller

Foam rollers can be excellent tools for stretching, recovery, and stiffness. Especially when flying or driving long distances, it’s easy for lower back pain and tightness to creep in. Foam rollers can help to stimulate healing in these situations, although many people don’t think to bring them, since they take up so much space. With travel foam rollers, you have the option to get a tool that is collapsible and flattens so it will fit in any bag.

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