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The best universal remotes for everything

Person holding up a universal remote

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to settle in for a new episode of your favorite show only to discover that you can’t find your remote. Somehow, the ones we don’t need in the moment are usually the ones that are right in front of us. One of the simplest ways to eliminate this problem is by investing in a universal remote.

With such an important device, it's important to consider product protection to go along with it. Mulberry Unlimited can protect not only your universal remote, but also your TV, streaming devices, and everything else all under the same plan. For less than the monthly price of your favorite streaming service, you can provide product protection for all your most important items.

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What are the best universal remotes?

With technology advancing each day, simplifying the way we use our devices is one of the easiest ways to ensure you keep your household running smoothly. Check out our curated list of the best universal remotes to keep in your home.

RCA universal remote

If you’re on a tight budget, the RCA Universal Remote offers a wide range of features at a very low price. It can control up to 8 devices (depending on which model you choose) and includes pre-programmed RCA universal remote codes for most major brands. With a built-in sleep timer and an easy-to-use interface, you’ll love this affordable option.

Price: $27.99 on Amazon.

GE universal remote

The GE universal remote is another budget-friendly option that you can use for up to 4 devices. Featuring a large, easy-to-read display and a favorites button that allows you to access your most frequently used devices quickly, it also comes pre-programmed with GE universal remote codes for most major brands.

Price: $10.99 on Amazon.

Philips universal remote

Another very affordable option is the Philips universal remote, which can control up to 3 devices. Although it doesn’t work with streaming sticks like Roku or Fire TV, it comes pre-programmed with Philips universal remote codes for all major brands. The backlight makes it easy to use in low-light conditions, and you’ll even be able to program custom commands.

Price: $9.59 on Amazon.

Logitech Harmony Elite

The Logitech Harmony Elite is a high-end universal remote that does it all. Featuring a full-color touchscreen display, it can control up to 15 devices and includes pre-programmed codes for over 270,000 devices. It comes with a rechargeable battery and can even be controlled via a smartphone app, and can calibrate to control some of your favorite smart home devices.

While it might not be a budget-friendly option, it has all the features you could ask for, so if you live in a digitally-demanding household, this is the one for you.

Price: $964.25 on Amazon.

SofaBaton X1

If you love everything about the Harmony Elite but can’t justify the expense, you might want to consider the SofaBaton X1. This mid-range universal remote can control up to 15 devices and includes pre-programmed codes for most major brands.

Its ergonomic design makes it easy for anyone to use, and it even includes a learning function that allows you to program custom commands and a backlight for use in low-light conditions.

Price: $189.99 on Amazon. 

Amazon Fire TV Cube

If you really want to embrace being an Amazon household and already have Alexa devices, the Amazon Fire TV Cube is the perfect universal remote that will tie your home together. With the functionality of a universal remote and the capabilities of a streaming media player, you can control eight devices at a time and utilize the built-in Alexa voice assistant to control all your smart home devices.

Price: $139.99 on Amazon.


Whether you need a budget-friendly option like the RCA universal remote or a high-end option like the Logitech Harmony Elite, there’s a universal remote out there for every household. Before you make a decision, subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited to find great product protection for nearly everything you buy online, including your favorite electronic devices.

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