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Best Buy, Costco, Walmart, or Target: Who has the best TV warranty?

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For many people, televisions are one of the most-used items in their household, and as anyone who’s recently bought one knows, they’re also expensive and easy to break–not a good combination! Whether you mistakenly knock it over when swinging your Wii remote or your child accidentally scratches the screen with a flying toy, there are a million different ways to damage your television, and most of them aren't covered under your manufacturer warranty.

This is where an extended warranty for your television comes in handy. In a time of crisis (ie: your TV breaks), an extended warranty can save you from wasting hundreds of dollars on replacing or repairing your television–but with most major retailers each offering their own television warranties, how do you choose the right one? We’re here to help. Here’s our guide to the best television warranties from Best Buy, Costco, Walmart, and Target:

Best Buy TV Warranty

Best Buy’s television warranty plan is called the Geek Squad TV Protection Plan, and the cost varies based on the value of the television you have. If you choose to purchase the Geek Squad TV Protection Plan, it will kick in after the manufacturer warranty ends, unless an incident occurs that the manufacturer warranty doesn’t cover. The Geek Squad TV Protection plan includes coverage for bad pixels, power surge damage, malfunctioning remotes, and issues caused from normal wear and tear.

Cost: Varies based on product. For example, a $1,300 TV like this 55" Samsung will cost you around $175 for a 2-year Geek Squad protection plan. 

Install the Mulberry extension and you can get a comparable 3-year extended warranty plan for $107.

Coverage for normal wear and tear: Yes

Parts and labor covered: Yes

Costco TV Warranty

Costco’s TV warranty offers a minimum of 2 years of coverage for each television purchased, although some televisions come with 3 or 5 years of coverage. Additionally, a Costco TV warranty plan includes a 90-day return policy and technical support.

Costco also offers extended warranty protection plans through Allstate for TVs, as well as other Costco electronics and appliances. The extended warranty plans offer coverage for 3 years, and the cost varies depending on whether the value of your TV is above or below $1,000. The warranty plan will cost $65 for a TV between $500 and $1,000, or $99 for a TV worth more than $1,000. The extended warranty does not cover physical damage to your television, but does protect you against mechanical and electrical failures.

Cost: Either $65 for TVs that cost less than $1,000, and $100 for TVs that cost more than $1,000 (3-year plan). There is also an annual Costco membership cost that ranges between $60-$120 that you must pay to gain access to Costco stores.

Coverage for normal wear and tear: No coverage for physical wear and tear

Parts and labor covered: Yes

Walmart TV Warranty

Like Costco, Walmart TV warranty plans are also provided through Allstate. If you invest in one of Walmart’s warranty plans, you’ll have protection against power surge damage, screen, speaker, and remote malfunctioning, and 24/7 tech support.

Cost: Varies based on product. For example, for a $300-$399 TV, you can purchase a 3-year protection plan for $39.

Coverage for normal wear and tear: Yes

Parts and labor covered: Yes

Target TV Warranty

If you purchase a TV warranty plan from Target, you’ll find it’s also offered through Allstate. Like warranty plans from other major retailers, the exact coverage and cost depends on the value of your TV and the plan you choose. That said, Target’s TV warranty plan offers tech support and coverage for physical damage, common failures, and accidents.

Cost: Varies based on product. For example, for a $200-$250 TV, you can purchase a 2-year protection plan for $43.

Coverage for normal wear and tear: Yes

Parts and labor covered: Yes

Which television warranty is best?

As you can see, each of these retailers offer television warranty plans with varying term lengths, costs and coverage details. To choose the best plan, it helps to think about your lifestyle and unique circumstances.

If you have young children or even rambunctious teenagers, you’ll want to make sure you have protection against physical damage, in which case a Costco warranty probably wouldn’t be the best option for you. If you value technical support, Best Buy’s Geek Squad might be a great choice. Thinking about your priorities when it comes to product protection will help decide which television warranty plan is the best fit.

Although we’ve explored some of the extended warranty plans offered by popular retailers for televisions, your best option is to install Mulberry’s free browser extension and compare plans and prices real-time as you shop online.


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