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The best snack subscriptions to satisfy your cravings

Woman and two kids sitting on the kitchen counter eating out of a snack box

Life gets busy, and you never know when those snack cravings are going to hit. There’s nothing worse than an empty panty, especially when your stomach is rumbling. Luckily, there are plenty of snack subscription boxes out there to satisfy your most common cravings and help you discover new tasty treats!

There seems to be a subscription service for everything these days, from cloud storage to food delivery to streaming and entertainment, and it's important to protect these purchases with an extended warranty. Product protection plans like MulberryCare can make sure your items are covered in case of accidents, damage, or anything else that might happen over the course of their lifespan.

Now, let's take a look at some picks for the best snack subscriptions!


Bokksu is an authentic Japanese snack subscription box that brings you treats directly from small businesses that have been around for centuries. You’ll be pleased to discover 20-24 different snacks and teas in each box, along with an informative booklet for each, so you’ll always be aware of potential allergens, and learn a little bit at the same time.

Although the price is a little on the higher side with subscriptions starting at $49.99, this is one of the most popular snack subscriptions on the market.

Universal Yums

If you want to try out snacks that you won’t typically find at your local grocery store, Universal Yums is a great option. With an international selection of treats, each delivery is like a new travel destination for your tastebuds.

Every box comes with a little something extra as well, with activities like an activity booklet, recipes, trivia, and more. You’ll also be able to choose from three snack box sizes ranging from from 5 items up to 20. Prices start at $26, making it quite affordable.

Tokyo Treat

International and country-specific snack subscriptions are popular because they’re typically the only way you’ll get your hands on snacks from around the world without a plane ticket! Japanese snack enthusiasts love the Tokyo Treat box because it provides 15-20 full-size snacks.

Whether you’re looking for candy, drinks, ramen, or anything else, Tokyo Treat is sure to give you a fully immersive experience right from your couch. Subscription plans start at $37.50.

Candy Club

Candy Club is the ideal snack subscription box for anyone with a sweet tooth, and it's perfect for a monthly indulgence. When you sign up, you’ll fill out a taste profile to help you get a perfectly-curated mix of sweet and sour, or just one or the other. You are free to adjust your profile at any time if your preferences change. Plans start at $50.


Snackcrate is similar to Universal Yums in that it also offers a selection of international treats. You also have a choice of three box sizes, with each one representing a different country and cultural experience. One perk that makes this company unique is that with each box you buy, you’ll be entered to win a trip around the world! Prices are also super affordable, starting at just $20.


While most snack subscription boxes are not fully-customizable, SnackMagic makes it simple to get all the snacks you love, delivered to you in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking for something to stock up your pantry, keep your employees energized, or curate your own sponsored goodie bags, SnackMagic has something for you. Subscription plan prices start at $45.

Earn rewards for your snacking

Before you start browsing your new snack subscription options, make sure you download the Mulberry browser extension to gain access to three months of free product protection and even become eligible to earn rewards.

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