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What is the difference between a blow dryer and a blow dryer brush?

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From fine and straight to thick and curly, everyone’s hair is different, and finding the right hair tools can be tricky. While some hair styling tools work wonders for certain hair types, for others, they only result in a frizzy mess. For many people, drying their hair is an important part of their hair routine, so it’s important to find a tool that works well.

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Wondering what the difference is between a blow dryer and a blow dryer brush? If so, you’re not alone. Here’s everything you need to know about hair dryers and blow dryer brushes so you can decide what the best option is for you.

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Blow dryer and blow dryer brush: What's the difference?

While you’re probably familiar with blow dryers, you might be wondering about the difference between blow dryers and blow dryer brushes. While blow dryers simply dry hair and require a separate brush to smooth and style it, a blow dryer brush is simply a combination of the two–a blow dryer and brush in one.

What is the best kind of hair dryer?

Believe it or not, all hair dryers are different and will produce unique results when you use them on your hair. It’s important to find a hair dryer that will not only style your hair well, but also takes care of it. So, what are the least-damaging hair dryers? Let’s take a look:

Dyson blow dryer

If you’ve spent any time searching for a hair dryer, you’ve probably heard of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, and for good reason–it's widely recognized as the best. Extremely fast drying but without the extreme temperatures, most Dyson blow dryer users agree that their hair has never looked better. It also comes with a blow dryer diffuser and 4 other attachments, making it a one and done tool for all your blow drying needs.

However, this hair dryer is not for someone who only styles their hair once or twice a year–at $429, the Dyson Supersonic is an investment, even for those who are regular blow dryers.

Shark blow dryer

The Shark HyperAir blow dryer is another great option. Priced at $219 on Amazon, it's a blow dryer with comb and diffuser attachments, making it versatile for any hair style. Shark also promises you won't have any heat damage and super fast drying, every time. A blow dryer that leaves your hair better than you found it? That’s hard to beat!

Which brushes are best for blow-drying?

Looking for the best brush blow dryer? Let’s take a look at some great options on the market:

Amika blow dryer brush

If you’re looking for a blow dryer brush that works for all hair types, is easy to use, and leaves behind a healthy shine, the Amika blow dryer brush is a great choice. A tool that produces massive volume while minimizing frizz? Count us in! You can find the Amika blow dryer brush at Sephora for only $100.

Revlon blow dryer brush

When it comes to respected, budget-friendly brands, it’s hard to find a more popular brand than Revlon, and the Revlon blow dryer brush lives up to the name. At only $31.99, you’ll get a no-frills blow dryer brush that does its job well.

Which is better: hair dryer or hair dryer brush?

If you’re trying to decide whether a hair dryer or hair dryer brush is better for you, it really comes down to your hair type, length, and hair routine. With a hair dryer, you’ll have more heat settings, and it gets the job done quickly and works just as well with long or short hair. However, learning how to style your hair with a hair dryer requires a bit more of a learning curve than it does with a hair dryer brush.

Hair dryer brushes are intuitive and easy to use (only one hand required), produce shiny, glossy results, and have lower heat settings, making them less likely to damage your hair. However, they’re a bit trickier to use with very long or very short hair. A hair dryer brush is a good option if your hair is medium to long length and you’re looking for a one-handed styling tool.

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