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What are the advantages of a 3 barrel curling iron?

Woman getting her hair styled with a 3 barrel curling iron

Interested in creating the perfect beachy waves, but struggling to replicate the look with your regular go-to curling iron? Using a 3 barrel curling iron makes creating gorgeous, voluminous waves quick and simple.

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Wondering what makes a 3 barrel curling irons different from other hair styling tools? Here’s everything you need to know about the advantages of a 3 barrel curling iron.

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What is a 3 barrel curling iron?

A 3 barrel curling iron is exactly what it sounds like: a curling iron with 3 barrels side by side. Although it may seem extremely similar to a regular curling iron, a 3 barrel curling iron results in flawless, perfect waves and speeds up styling time quite a bit because of its large surface area.

How to use a 3 barrel curling iron

Figuring out how to use a 3 barrel curling iron requires a bit of a learning curve, but with practice, it’s easy. Here are the steps for using one:

  1. First, apply heat protectant to your hair and wait a few minutes for it to fully dry. Because more of your hair will be between the barrel than with a regular curling iron, it’s important to make sure your hair is protected from heat damage.
  2. Second, divide your hair into sections, including some sections at the top of your hair and others at the bottom. This will help you achieve a more voluminous look.
  3. Next, starting with one section, hold the 3 barrel curling iron perpendicular to your hair and clamp it over the top of your hair section.
  4. Wait several seconds while the clamp is shut on your hair (not too long, or it will burn). The longer you keep it clamped, the more defined your waves will be. If you’re looking for a soft wave, release it more quickly.
  5. Open the clamp and move down to where the wave that you just created ends. Continue until you have finished that section of hair, then proceed to curl the rest of the sections.
  6. Finally, add a few spritzes of hair spray to secure the curls, and shake it out to achieve a more natural look.

Advantages of a 3 barrel curling iron

There are many advantages that come from using a 3 barrel curling iron over a traditional curling iron. Here are a few of the top benefits:

  • Quicker styling time. Since a 3 barrel curling iron has multiple barrels, it makes the hair curling process significantly faster–after all, you can fit three times the hair in it at once! For those with especially long or thick hair, this is a huge time saver.
  • Perfect waves. With a 3 barrel curling iron, it’s much easier to create perfect-looking waves. While you can technically create waves with any curling iron, it’s difficult to achieve the flawless, beachy look that most people are looking for. There is also a lot of maneuvering involved, and even once you get the hang of it, it’s tricky to create exactly the waves you’re looking for. A 3 barrel curling iron makes the process simple and ensures that each wave is perfectly spaced apart. It takes significantly less effort to create perfect waves with a 3 barrel curling iron.
  • Longer lasting. Another advantage of using a 3 barrel curling iron is that you’ll enjoy longer lasting results than you would with a traditional curling iron. This is most likely because more of your hair spends time between the heated clamp, while with a traditional curling iron, only a small amount of your hair is ever clamped.
  • Unique look. Although you can create curls and waves with most straighteners and curling irons, it’s difficult to replicate the exact look that a 3 barrel curling iron can create.

Final thoughts

Using a 3 barrel curling iron is a great way to cut down on your styling time, create flawless beachy waves, and add variety to your hair routine.

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