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Hazardous Nachos, Rogue Golf Swings, and Other Warranty Claims From 2021

It’s the first week of January 2022, and we’re joining many in bidding farewell to a crazy 2021. The last year was unpredictable in many ways, and nowhere is that better represented than in our own customers’ warranty claims.

Shoppers didn’t have it easy in 2021. Between manufacturing holds and shipping delays that threw off holiday shopping plans, and shopping disasters where purchases didn’t show up as advertised, it was a tough year for customers. 

A product break or accident can be a big frustration, which is why we make the claims process easy with online filing and fast resolutions. It's also a great reason to shop with the Mulberry browser extension, so you can view available protection plans on the items you want to purchase. We’re shoppers too, so that’s why we make customer service priority one.

With the many customers we helped in 2021, some of the claims we saw felt especially relatable, especially after a year of unexpected situations.

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The 7 customer warranty claims that summarize 2021

Now that we’re starting a new year, we’re looking back at some of the ways real life smacked us in the face in 2021. Here are the most memorable claims we helped with last year.

1. When a bad day gets worse

“My daughter spilled my husband’s coffee and a few hours later smushed Nutella into the couch”

Not a good day for that couch. Mulberry offers extended warranties on furniture so you don’t have to stress over spills.

2. When you’re stuck indoors

“My husband swung a golf club in the living room and forgot that the new light hangs lower than the old light”

This one screams of too many days inside. Hopefully he’s out on the golf course soon!

3. When being home with your pet all day changes things

“Our cat scratched both of the arms of the couch and then vomited on the cushion”

It’s been a wild year for pets too. Whether you adopted a pet during the pandemic or have had yours for many years, they have their bad days too—and sometimes your furniture is the victim.


4. When you just want a good night’s sleep

“Our 6-year old son left us a glorious 16-inch urine stain on the top of the mattress”

Not the best surprise to wake up to. Have a long-time stained mattress? See if it’s time to get a new mattress—and make sure to get product protection on it to keep it lasting no matter the accident.

5. When the bad luck starts spreading

“I fell and hit my head on the mirror and it cracked. The crack has spread”

Ouch! We felt that one. I think that means 7 years of bad luck—unless you have your mirror covered for a free replacement under warranty.

6. When you’re snacking all day—and there are consequences

“I was reaching over my table to get nachos and knocked over the glass bong with my elbow”

Nachos are responsible for a lot of damage, including, ahem, making it hard to fit into those jeans from 2019.

7. When you finally get on vacation and it doesn’t go as planned

“My suitcase had a broken wheel after my first flight to Europe”

Travel hasn’t been easy in 2021. No matter what you do to prepare for a trip, there’s always something you can’t plan for.


We’re here to offer product protection where and when you need it most

We know that the unexpected happens, which is why we offer protection plans on a wide range of products to cover the things you can’t anticipate—like all of the accidents above.

During a year where so much felt out of our control, we want to help customers have more security in their purchases. So in 2021, we partnered with even more amazing retailers and launched our own browser extension to give customers the chance to have products covered no matter where they shop.

If you shop with one of our retail partners, you can get our product protection with your purchase—look for Mulberry at checkout or in your post-purchase order or shipping confirmation emails.

To get Mulberry product protection wherever you shop online, download our browser extension for shoppers on desktop. Whether you’re shopping for a table on Wayfair, a new phone on Amazon, or anything in between, you can get affordable Mulberry product protection through the browser extension.

While 2022 might bring more uncertainties, you can get the peace of mind in knowing that your purchases are covered no matter what the year brings.

Some claims reports have been edited for spelling and clarity.


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