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3 Tips to Help Your Warranty Claim Get Approved

It’s the tale as old as time: you bought an extended warranty for a new item thinking about the peace of mind that the coverage gives you. At some point, you run into a product issue or accident. You’re digging out your warranty information to figure out next steps. You’re grateful to have the warranty coverage, up until you start the filing process. 

When you find the warranty contact information, you have to call customer service—by phone! You wait on hold for an impossibly long time, not to mention, their service hours are the same as when you work, so you almost never have time to call. By the time you manage to get through, it turns out you have more steps ahead. Next, you’re  waiting for them to send you some paperwork—by mail! After filling in this form, your best option for a quick return is to submit it—by fax!

You’ve finally jumped through the hoops to complete everything on your end. But then the response comes: a letter arrives informing you that your claim was denied, due to some clause buried in the fine print of your terms and conditions.

Get a better warranty experience

Customers have dealt with this hassle long enough. Modern warranty protection is here to change this nightmare into a smoother process. The products you buy are important to you, and you shouldn’t have to fight to get your claim approved.

Getting coverage from a modern, customer-focused warranty provider is key to a better experience. When you have the right provider, here are some key things you can do in order to HELP your claim get approved!

1. Hold off on YouTubing the solution! 

Many retailers offer care guidelines for their products to ensure that you can enjoy yours for as long as possible. These can include suggestions on how to best maintain your item. Should you have an issue with your purchase, reach out to your retailer to see if there are any recommendations for how to troubleshoot or treat the problem. 

In fact, if an issue happens soon after you first receive your product, you may even still be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. By reading your agreement and reaching out to your retailer, you may learn the company will replace or repair your item as part of their warranty service.

2. Let your warranty provider know ASAP.

Warranties are there to cover the things that happen in your life. You shouldn’t have to hold onto your product in sub-par condition and without protection. By contacting your provider as soon as you can after something happens, they can help you get the ball rolling with a solution. 

We know that when a glass of wine spills on your new rug, or when a pet has an accident on your mattress, you have more immediate concerns than running to file your claim. We recommend filing within 30 days of the incident so the circumstances are fresh on your mind, and so that you can get your issue resolved as soon as possible.

3. Give your provider the full picture. 

If you’re reporting a product issue or accident, it’s more likely than not that the team has seen it before, so don’t be hesitant. When filing your claim, be as detailed as possible—let them know what happened and who and what caused the incident 

It can also be helpful to take and provide clear photos of your damage. This will further expedite a claim decision for you so that you don’t need to be spending time going back and forth. 

Start filing your warranty claim with Mulberry

If you’re filing with Mulberry, we’re here to make things even easier for you. Filing a claim with us doesn’t even require using the phone, and you certainly don’t need to be working around our schedule to do that. You can actually file a claim with Mulberry all online 24/7. Still have questions? No problem—feel free to reach out to us at help@getmulberry.com to get in touch with a team member. Because you invested in a product you love, we’re here to ensure that it’s properly protected.

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Sandy Kim

About the author

Sandy is a Customer Experience Team Lead at Mulberry.

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