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Treat yourself everyday with these single’s subscription boxes

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For most single people, it can sometimes feel like everyone is coupled up. From ads on TV to movies and more, it can feel like you're the only person without a significant other. But there's no time like the present to shower yourself with a little extra love and self-care. After all, don’t singles deserve to treat themselves too?

Subscription services can be a great way to show yourself some love. For example, by subscribing to Mulberry Unlimited, you can show care for your products by ensuring they're covered with a product protection plan. You'll get protection for all your purchases, including the ones that come in your favorite subscription boxes.

Check out these single’s subscription boxes and get started treating yourself today!

Protect unlimited online purchases for $9.99/month


Most people love receiving packages in the mail. And what could be better than a package that was created specifically to help you look and feel your best? SinglesSwag is a monthly gift basket designed especially for single women. From delectable culinary delights to exquisite beauty products, fashion accessories, and other surprises, you’ll find yourself waiting anxiously for your SinglesSwag box to arrive every month! SinglesSwag was designed to honor single women, not only on birthdays or holidays, but all the time–because you deserve to be celebrated!

If you’re interested in trying SinglesSwag, you can order a one-month subscription for only $49.99. However, if you’re ready to commit, you can also choose a 3-month, 6-month, or yearly subscription, with greater savings the longer your subscription period is.

The Nomadik

Although self-care boxes are fun, the truth is that self-care doesn’t look the same for everybody. While some people love beauty products and fancy foods, to others, this might not be something that excites you. If you’re a nature lover and prefer to spend your self-care time outside, The Nomadik might be exactly what you need. Picture this: a gift basket stuffed with items to treat yourself, but geared especially towards the outdoors? Count us in!

With a subscription to The Nomadik, you’ll periodically receive a box filled with supplies for an outdoor adventure, such as unique water bottles, snacks, backpacks, and camping supplies. It’s a great way to ensure you make time for nature, and it’s also an effective way to build up your collection of outdoor gear. You can choose a monthly subscription starting at $32.99, or a quarterly subscription starting at $149.99.

Trade Coffee Subscription

Are you a coffee fan, but lack the time (or finances) to make a Starbucks run everyday? If so, a Trade Coffee subscription might be the perfect way to treat yourself. Trade offers over 450 unique types of coffee, ensuring you’ll never get bored of trying new flavors. Trade even offers a quiz to subscribers inquiring about personal tastes and preferences to ensure you’ll never get coffee you don’t like. Worried the coffee will be old and stale? Trade ships the coffee straight from the roasters and directly to your front door.

One of the best parts of subscribing to Trade is that you can order a completely customizable subscription. Rather than being locked into a specific amount of coffee, you can choose exactly how often and how much coffee arrives at your doorstep. Plans start at $15.75 a bag.

Cocktail Courier

If you enjoy sipping cocktails without having to leave the house, a Cocktail Courier subscription might take your self-care routine to the next level. Enjoy unique, high-quality cocktail ingredients shipped straight to your door–you can mix and enjoy them at home, either alone or with friends and family. With a Cocktail Courier subscription, you can choose what cocktails are delivered to you and how frequently, so you’ll never have to worry about finding a bar or making a last minute trip to the store before a party again.

They have two subscription tiers, with one offering just mixers and no alcohol for $29.99 and another the includes both mixers and alcohol for $49.99.

Treat yourself

Regardless of your relationship status, you deserve to be celebrated! Making time for self-care and treating yourself is important, and there’s no easier way to do that than by subscribing to a single’s subscription box.

Don't forget to add product protection to your purchases to show your products some love too. With a Mulberry Unlimited subscription, you get product protection for all your products for just a fraction of the price of all the subscription services listed here.

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