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The best jewelry subscriptions to upgrade your accessory game

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The right accessories can completely transform your look. Whether your style is minimalist chic, glitz and glam, or something in between, a piece of jewelry can make all the difference. Jewelry subscriptions are still relatively new, but are quickly becoming a popular way to try out great new jewelry for cheap. With a jewelry subscription box, you’ll always have what you need to take even a casual outfit to the next level.

Regardless of whether you get it through a subscription or at a store, jewelry is expensive, and it's important to keep it protected. An extended warranty plan like MulberryCare can ensure your jewelry is covered in the event it's damaged due to an accident, misuse, or anything else that might happen.

We’ve rounded up the best subscriptions to keep you looking stylish without breaking the bank.


Rocksbox lets customers borrow three designer pieces per month, for a flat fee of $21. After completing their quiz, Rocksbox stylists will curate perfect selections for your taste, and you can continue to wear them until you’re ready to try a new set. This is a rental-based model, so you won’t get to keep the items, but since many of these are high-end pieces, you’ll save money by borrowing them, and always have something new when you’re ready.

Switch Jewelry

No matter what kind of event or night out you need to prepare for, Switch is always ready to help you wow the crowd with coveted luxury designer items. With plans available from $45 per month, you’ll be able to borrow your favorite pieces as often as you want.

If you want to borrow more than one piece at a time, you can opt for the Platinum or Black plans, which offer two or three pieces per box, for $75 and $95, respectively. If you come across anything that you just can’t live without, you’ll be able to purchase it for an exclusive members-only price!

Pura Vida Jewelry

The Pura Vida jewelry subscription box is perfect for those who love artisanal designs. Each month, you’ll receive at least two pieces of jewelry and a cute creative sticker to use for decoration or simply to add to your ephemera collection. Month-to-month plans cost $14.95, but you can pay as little as $11/month when you sign up for an annual plan.


Accessory trends change all the time, and Vivrelle makes it so much easier to keep up. With new arrivals every week, you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to achieve the look you desire. For example, you’ll be granted access to the latest Van Kleef jewelry, Hermes bracelets, and pretty much any other high-end brand you can think of.

Similar to some of these other options, Vivrelle also includes things like handbags, so you can even borrow a Chanel crossbody for the next time you want to make a statement with class. There are a range of plans available, from the Premier plan for $39/month to the Couture+ plan for $279/month.

Coveted styles that empower your individuality

Whether you’re a fashion influencer constantly creating content, or you just love coveting your own personal style, these jewelry subscription boxes each offer their own unique attributes to help you take your closet from bleak to chic in no time.

Before you decide on any new jewelry box subscription, make sure you install the Mulberry browser extension. You can view product protection plans on your jewelry items in real time while you shop, and qualify for three months of product protection on eligible purchases, absolutely free.

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