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The best subscription trackers to help you stay on top of payments

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Subscription services have taken over the market in recent years, with everything from streaming services to meal kit deliveries now available via monthly subscriptions. However, with so many different convenient services out there to make use of, it’s easy to lose track and forget to cancel them when they’re no longer necessary.

To help put you back in control of your finances, we’ve rounded up the top subscription payment trackers. You never want to have that gut-punch feeling of seeing a big charge on your bank statement for something you meant to cancel before the free trial window ended, and these apps can help alleviate that stress.

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Rocketmoney (formerly Truebill)

You might be familiar with Truebill, which is now called Rocketmoney. It helps you cancel unwanted subscriptions, track everyday spending, automate savings, and even monitor your credit score. The Rocketmoney app is free to download on Google Play and the Apple app store, and you can also sign up on their website.

There’s a premium service option available for $3-$12 per month if you’d like to take advantage of their bill negotiation services. If they’re able to bring down your bills, you just have to pay a fee relative to what they’re saving you over a 12-month period.


PocketGuard is a free basic budgeting app with the option of a premium account for $34.99 annually. The app will categorize your expenses for you, and allows you to modify them as needed. This service takes into account your estimated income as well as current expenses and savings goals. Using PocketGuard's “in my pocket” algorithm, you can stay on top of your savings goals with daily spending limits.


Billshark helps users save money by negotiating lower bills such as cable and internet on their behalf. This service is focused more on negotiating better prices rather than identifying and canceling unnecessary subscriptions. Instead of charging users a monthly or annual fee, Billshark is free to use until they are successful in bringing down your bills. All you need to pay is a percentage of your savings as a service fee.


Subby is a subscription tracker that helps users track spending and manage monthly subscriptions. The app provides alerts for upcoming payments and lets users easily cancel subscriptions they no longer need. The free version has ads, and the paid version is available for $2.99 monthly.

People who don’t want to link their banking information to their subscription tracking app will be pleased to know that you can manually enter as many subscriptions as you want and easily keep track of your expenses.

Subby is only available for Android devices, however, so be careful of impostors on the Apple app store.


Created by Quicken, Simplifi is a powerful and customizable app that helps users streamline and manage their finances in as little as five minutes a week. From tracking spending to monitoring savings goals, it offers much more than just subscription management. Plans are available for $5.99/month, or $2.99/month when billed annually. You can also try it for free before making any paid commitment.


At the end of the day, what matters most is that you stay on top of your payments and avoid any surprises. Whether you’re looking for a free app or paid assistance, there’s a perfect subscription tracker out there to meet your needs.

While you’re on the path to increasing your savings, don’t forget to shop with the Mulberry browser extension to earn rewards on eligible purchases. You can even keep track of extended warranty coverage on your favorite items and qualify for free protection!

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