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Which speaker manufacturer offers the best warranty?

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Whether you’re a hardcore music lover or just a casual listener, you probably know that the quality of your speaker makes a huge difference in your listening experience. Whether you’re trying to jam out to your favorite song or simply listen to a podcast as you’re getting ready for work, a low-quality speaker is not only distracting, but it can make your listening experience far less enjoyable. This is why a high-quality speaker is worth the investment.

When shopping for a speaker, there’s one thing you won’t want to forget: making sure that your speaker is covered under an extended warranty plan. While it would be nice if accidents never happened, the truth is that they do, and having product protection can prevent you from wasting money on expensive repairs or replacements when something goes wrong.

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Best manufacturer warranties for speakers

If you’ve looked into product protection at all, you know there are dozens of extended warranty plans to choose from. So how do you know which one is best for you? Here’s our guide to the best manufacturer warranties for speakers:

JBL warranty

Whether you have a JBL mini speaker or a JBL speaker charger, for most of their products, JBL offers a one-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects and faulty workmanship. The JBL speaker warranty only applies to the original owner, and can’t be transferred if you eventually decide to sell your speaker. It also excludes coverage for accidents, normal wear and tear, abuse, misuse, and even damage that occurs during shipment.

Sonos warranty

Sonos offers high-quality speakers like a Sonos Bluetooth speaker, Sonos outdoor speaker, and more, all with a one-year limited warranty on their products. Like the JBL speaker warranty, the Sonos speaker warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials, but excludes coverage for accidents, abuse, normal wear and tear, and products missing their serial numbers. Unlike the JBL speaker warranty, Sonos’ warranty is transferable in the event that you sell your speaker.

Bose warranty

For most of its speakers, Bose offers a one-year limited warranty (the only exception being for certain non-powered speakers, which have a 5-year warranty). The Bose speaker warranty provides coverage for faulty workmanship and defects in materials, but does not cover incidents of normal wear and tear, accidents, abuse, or misuse.

LG warranty

The terms of the LG speaker manufacturer’s warranty is typically one year for both labor and parts. The warranty includes coverage for faulty workmanship and material defects, but excludes coverage for accidents, misuse, abuse, power surges, water damage, or other common incidents. This includes ever model of the LG Bluetooth speaker, which are some of its most popular.

Anker warranty

The Anker speaker manufacturer warranty lasts 18 months from the time of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and faulty workmanship, but doesn’t cover accidents, normal wear and tear, or any products that don’t have proof of purchase.

Final verdict: Which speaker warranty is best?

As you’ve probably noticed, most of the speaker warranties we’ve covered are almost identical, meaning that none of them are really superior. While the specific terms and conditions may vary slightly, most offer coverage for quality issues, such as defects that occur in manufacturing or issues that arise from faulty materials, but that’s about it.

These warranties exclude some important coverage, including protection against damage from accidents, normal wear and tear, and any form of misuse. This means if your speaker becomes damaged from liquids, scratched from being dropped, or simply malfunctions outside of the warranty period, you’re on your own to cover repair or replacement costs.

While incidents like these don’t happen frequently, it’s important to be prepared for when they do. This is why relying on a manufacturer’s warranty is not enough if you want to make sure that your speaker is fully protected. This is where extended warranty plans come in.

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