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Why you should use Costco Travel to book your next vacation

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If you're already a Costco member, then you know about the great deals and benefits offered by the retailer. However, did you know Costco also has a travel program? Costco Travel is one of the best ways to save money on your next trip. Whether you're looking for accommodations, flights, or transportation, Costco’s booking services offer a range of advantages for new and seasoned travelers alike.

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What are the benefits of using Costco Travel?

Just like their Kirkland Signature products that offer you food and household items at a more affordable price, Costco also curates different travel packages so members can keep costs down while living their best lives.

Costco Travel offers competitive prices

One of the biggest advantages of using Costco Travel is the competitive pricing. Like other travel services, the retailer negotiates with hotels, airlines, car rental companies, and cruise lines to get exclusive deals that the general public doesn’t have access to. As a result, you’ll typically find much better prices on travel packages than you would through other popular travel service providers. It’s always worth at least checking out what they have available before you commit to a deal from anywhere else.

Costco Travel car rental program

The Costco Travel car rental program makes it so easy to rent a car on your vacation. Partnerships with major car rental companies like Avis, Budget, and Enterprise make it easy for Costco to offer exclusive discounts to its members. Plus, you might even be eligible to get additional benefits like a free additional driver or free upgrades.

Costco Gas prices

If your vacation is centered around a road trip, you’re going to have to plan a route and make sure you can fill up with gas along the way. If you're a Costco member, you can take advantage of the lower gas prices at Costco gas stations. Not only can you save money on gas for your trip, but you can also save on everyday driving by filling up at Costco.

Costco Travel cruises

Maybe you’re not up for a flight or a road trip, which is fine, since Costco also has partnerships with major cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line, and Norwegian Cruise Line, offering exclusive benefits like onboard credits and free upgrades. Similar to the flight and hotel packages, you can often find lower prices on cruises through Costco Travel than you would if you booked elsewhere.


At the end of the day, traveling gets expensive quickly, so if you're a Costco member and you're planning a vacation, you should consider using Costco Travel. With their competitive pricing model, exclusive discounts, and high-quality properties and services, Costco Travel can help you save money and have a great vacation.

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