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Everything you need to know about Costco Business Center

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If you’re a Costco member, you might have seen the Costco Business Center from time to time as you’ve done your shopping. If you’ve heard of the Costco Business Center, but are wondering what it is, you’re in the right place.

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What is Costco Business Center?

Costco offers two types of memberships: a personal membership and a business membership. To accommodate the needs of businesses, Costco created the Costco Business Center, where membership holders can access unique deals and products that are especially helpful for businesses.

If you are a business with a Costco membership, be sure to take advantage of the benefits that Costco has made available to you.

What is the difference between Costco and Costco Business Center?

While Costco Business Center and standard Costco warehouses are both owned and operated by Costco, they have several distinct differences. First, Costco Business Center was created to serve businesses, while regular Costco warehouses offer products geared towards average families, such as TVs and household goods. This means that Costco Business Centers carry inventory that is helpful for small businesses, such as office supplies, restaurant goods, and bulk food and drinks.

Because Costco Business Center is designed to cater to businesses, it provides services that aren’t available at standard Costco warehouses. Some of these services include customized printing, wholesale pricing, and delivery options.

Another difference between Costco Business Center and standard Costco warehouses are the hours of operation. While Costco warehouses have limited weekend hours, Costco Business Centers hours are more varied, meaning they typically open earlier in the morning and are open longer on weekends.

What is the Costco Business Center Savings Event?

The Costco Business Center Savings Event occurs periodically and is an opportunity for membership holders to access special savings. While the event is geared towards businesses, Costco allows all members to shop the event.

The event typically lasts for several weeks, and 70% of items included in the Costco Business Center Savings Event are not part of Costco’s normal inventory. Here are a few examples of what you might find at at Costco Business Center Savings Event:

  • Snacks, candy, and other novelty foods.
  • Commercial grade appliances.
  • Food-service quantities of meat, fruit, and other foods.
  • Restaurant goods.
  • Office products (exclusively online).

The Costco Business Center Savings Event takes place in the warehouse and online, and sometimes includes extended hours. Check with your local warehouse to find out the details about your Costco’s current savings event and to request a flier with Costco Business Center coupons.

Should you get a Costco Business Membership?

If you are a small business owner, a Costco Business Membership will likely be very beneficial for you. With a Costco Business Membership, you can purchase products not only for personal use, but for business and resale too.

To sign up for a Costco Business Membership, you need to prove that you own a business by providing several forms of business ID or a business license. Here’s what you need to know about how a Costco Business Membership works:

  • Price. A Costco Business Membership costs $60 annually.
  • Additional household card. Yes.
  • Each additional card holder. $60 each.
  • Ability to purchase for resale. Yes.

Final thoughts

Shopping at Costco Business Center is a great opportunity for small business owners with unique benefits, so if you’re a small business owner, be sure to take advantage of it!

And while you’re shopping at Costco, don’t forget to purchase a product protection plan for your new items! With a product protection plan, you can protect your purchases against accidental damage, manufacturer’s defects, hardware issues, and much more.

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