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Costco, Sam's Club, and BJ's: Wholesale Club Warranties

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If you're a bargain shopper, you probably have a membership to one of the wholesale clubs like Costco, Sam's or BJ's. These stores are great one-stop shops where you can purchase everything from groceries to the latest electronics. With the ability to shop online, schedule deliveries, and curbside pick-ups, it's a convenient option for anyone that's pressed for time (so, everyone). Whether you’re a bachelor stocking your apartment or a busy mom trying to keep the entire family fed and entertained, wholesale clubs are a haven for savings.

If you're focused on savings, you are also budget-conscious and realize that by protecting your purchases with an extended warranty, you can double down on saving and keep money in your pocket down the road. If your television breaks, or your stereo doesn't sound quite right, a warranty can save you a lot of hassle to repair or replace your item. Out-of-pocket repairs aren't cheap and are usually unexpected, which means they aren't in the budget. Whether you're buying from Costco, Sam's Club, or BJ's, extended warranty protection should be at the top of your shopping list.

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Benefits of shopping at a wholesale club

There are numerous benefits to shopping at wholesale clubs. For one, the convenience they offer is nearly unmatched. You can’t buy electronics at the grocery store, and you won’t find clothing in a Best Buy, but Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s have everything you could need.

Additionally, when you buy things in bulk, you often pay much less per item. Instead of going to the supermarket or a convenience store every time you run out of something, you can purchase multiples of one item at a lower price.

Aside from home electronics, grocery items, and other staples, most wholesale clubs also offer specialized services. From car tires to vision care, you’re bound to find special offers and access to services you won’t get elsewhere.

All about wholesale club warranties

If you have a wholesale club membership, it’s important to make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Since you’re likely to end up purchasing some big-ticket items, you’ll want to be aware of the warranty stipulations offered at each retailer.

Costco warranty

A Costco warranty grants customers two years of manufacturer warranty coverage for most items purchased from its store. This applies to almost all their electronics and home appliances; so if the manufacturer’s warranty only lasts for one year, the Costco warranty on electronics will extend the manufacturer's warranty to two years. For example, by purchasing a Costco TV, you'll get more coverage than if you bought that same TV from Best Buy because the Costco tv warranty extends the manufacturer's warranty by a year.

Similarly, when you buy a laptop from Costco, you'll have the option to purchase the Costco laptop warranty, which also provides extended coverage.

However, both of these coverage options still only cover manufacturer defects, which means it excludes things like normal wear and tear, and accidental damage. With MulberryCare on that TV, for example, all of those accidental damages will be covered.

The Costco membership cost ranges anywhere from $60-$120, depending on the type of membership you purchase.

Sam's Club warranty

Unfortunately, unless you purchase an additional protection plan from Allstate, Sam’s Club only offers standard manufacturer warranty coverage to customers. Depending on the item, the Sam's Club warranty period lasts anywhere from 90 days to one year from the purchase date.

For example, if you buy a Sam’s Club TV, you won’t be entitled to the same coverage you’d get from Costco. Instead, you’ll have to check out the warranty provided by the specific brand you decide on. In which case you should definitely install the Mulberry extension where you'll find the lowest prices on extended warranties (even free 1-year plans).

A Sam’s Club membership ranges from $50-$110 in price, with the option to choose either the club membership or Sam's Club plus for additional benefits. Sam's periodically offers 50% off of their memberships, so keep your eye out for discounts before you purchase your membership.

BJ's warranty

With a BJ's limited warranty, you'll also benefit from an extra year of manufacturer coverage like Costco warranties. Depending on the item you’re looking to purchase, you might be able to get additional product protection. For example, BJ's Protection Plus gives you the ability to add on three years of extended warranty coverage to many of your most-used items. Additionally, when it comes to BJ's tires, you’re entitled to their “Road Hazard Warranty” which covers 36,000 miles or 36 months, whichever comes sooner.

A BJ's membership costs between $55-$110, with inner circle offers, perks rewards, and business memberships available.

Extended product protection for your wholesale club purchases

If you want access to everything you need in one shopping destination, a wholesale club membership might be a worthwhile investment. With access to some of the most essential electronics, appliances, groceries, and more at a fair cost, the savings really add up.

The extended warranties some of these stores offer can be better than what comes with a standard manufacturer warranty. However, you still aren't getting enough protection to ensure you'll get the value out of your product.

For extended protection beyond what the manufacturer's warranty covers, subscribe to Mulberry Unlimited. You'll get coverage for all you online purchases under the same product protection plan, complete with unlimited claims, zero deductibles, and no hidden fees. With Mulberry Unlimited, you can get longer-term coverage at the lowest prices, guaranteed.


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