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3 Reasons Why Mattress Retailers Should Offer Extended Warranties

One way to stay ahead of the curve in today’s hyper-competitive world is to offer extended warranties on your products. Extended warranties make up to 40% of the profit margins at big-box brands such as Best Buy, helping them to stay afloat. If you're an online bed-in-a-box brand, you definitely want to take a deeper look at offering this solution to your customers.

Here are some of the benefits of these programs for both you and your customers:


1. Food stains and spills: Heard stories of your customers eating in bed and not realizing that they have dropped some food or spilled a drink? Whether it's pizza toppings, noodles or some chicken curry, these stains are hard to remove. Luckily, Mulberry covers all stains, including beverage spills, so your customers can freely drink red wine or have breakfast in bed.


2. Accidents from kids or pets: Your customers don’t have to worry if their kids jump and puncture the bed or if their pets rip the mattress. We’ll repair or replace the mattress (depending on the accident) because no one should sleep on a damaged mattress. Ever.


3. Incremental revenue: With the Mulberry Protection Plan, you can increase your attachment rates. Our omnichannel solution provides revenue on every product sold. Our current bed-in-a-box clients see an average profit margin of 114%. Your brand can achieve that too.


Interested in offering extended warranties to your customers? Reach out to us at Mulberry. We support most major platforms, are receiptless, and customers love us.

Is your business looking to offer product protection? Partner with Mulberry


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