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Appliance Warranties

Purchasing a new appliance is a big deal, whether it's a large or small one. From a leaking refrigerator to a coffee machine mineral build-up, there are endless issues that can come up with appliances. An extended warranty for appliances can save you (and your appliance) because it protects against these types of damages beyond the manufacturer's warranty. But which types of appliances can you protect, when is it worth the cost, and what type of appliance coverage is included?


What do appliance warranty plans cover?

Mulberry offers appliance protection plans for large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines to smaller appliances like coffee makers and air fryers. Get appliance insurance for all of your appliances under one plan with Mulberry Unlimited. Cover as many appliances as you want, file unlimited claims and pay zero deductibles or fees if you need to file a claim.

Large Appliances

  • Wear and tear
  • Mechanical and electrical issues
  • Food loss up to $500
  • Power surge damage


Small Appliances

  • Damage from accidents
  • Mechanical and electrical issues
  • Power surge damage

Did you know you can get appliance warranties for all of these and more?

Garbage disposal
Heaters/air conditioners
Hot water heater



Coffee maker
Air fryer
Toaster oven
Food processor
Stand mixer
Water kettle
Instant pot/slow cooker
Waffle iron


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What's the Mulberry difference?

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