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The best hacks for saving money at Home Depot

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The average homeowner spends thousands on repairs each year, with unpredictable costs like damaged roofs and broken appliances burdening the financial health of many. As a major destination for all things home improvement, Home Depot can be a great option for those who are in the midst of major or minor repairs.

With all the purchases you'll be making at Home Depot thanks to these money-saving hacks, it's important to keep product protection in mind. Mulberry Unlimited allows you to cover all your purchases under the same plan, ensuring you're covered for everything, no matter what.

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What are tips for saving money at Home Depot?

How can you work to save when you're spending thousands on your home each year? Here are the main money saving tips you should keep in mind when you shop at Home Depot.

Check that you are getting the right price

Some brands advertise their price matching schemes more than others, so customers are often left wondering, does Home Depot price match? The answer is yes—and you should be taking advantage of the opportunity. According to their policy, if you find a lower price on an identical item from another store, they will match that price. All you have to do for an in-store purchase is bring some sort of proof of that competing price, or for an online purchase, simply follow their submission procedures.

Furthermore, the Home Depot rebate center can help you ensure you are not overpaying for large items you purchase. They automatically check their inventory for errors, but you can also submit for a rebate online. Additionally, select stores around the country offer  11% rebates on various occasions throughout the year for in store purchases.

Timing your purchase

Home Depot offers significant sales year round, so if you're in the market for larger items, or a long list of items, it may be worthwhile to keep checking their website to wait for the best moment. The Home Depot Special Buy is a single day sale that features discounted items and changes on a daily basis and is listed on their website.

Additionally, Home Depot Black Friday sales offers massive deals, so for your most expensive items, it would be advantageous to wait until November to make your purchases.

If you find yourself making several trips to Home Depot, you can even save on childcare by bringing your little ones along. Every first Saturday of the month from 9 am to 12 noon there is a Home Depot kids workshop that you can bring your child to and teach them skills through an engaging kids project.

Making the most of rentals – Don’t buy what you can borrow

Home Depot offers extensive rental options to help you save on high-priced items you only intend to use once. If you are redoing your flooring or taking on a one-time landscaping project, often the equipment you purchase will end up sitting in the garage once you're done with it. The Home Depot tool rental offers indoor and outdoor large equipment and power tools, and the Home Depot van rental makes it easy to access a moving van or truck for a limited period. You just have to be 21 years old with a US or Canada driver’s license.

Don’t hold onto items you don’t use

How many times have you purchased something, only for it to go unused in the box in the closet? Don’t let your money go to waste out of laziness—thanks to the Home Depot return policy, it's easy to get your money back. They accept returns within 90 days (30 days for some items like furniture or rugs), or even 365 days if the purchase was made with a Home Depot card. If you don’t have the receipt, don’t let that stop you, they may still be able to find your purchase in the system.

Protect your purchases with Mulberry

Product protection can help you make the most of your purchases. Install Mulberry's free browser extension, so you can see the extended warranty plans that are available for the products you purchase at Home Depot.

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