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How to prevent your packages from being stolen

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We’ve all seen them on the news, YouTube, and TikTok: the infamous porch pirates, also known as package thieves. Unfortunately, research shows that 40% of Americans have been affected by package theft at some point in their lives, whether or not their package was swiped in transit or stolen after being delivered to their porch.

Most people would agree that there’s nothing worse than waiting diligently for a package to arrive, only to find it’s been stolen before you even got the chance to open it! This is where product protection can be hugely important. An extended warranty plan can help protect your items from accidents and damage, so you won't be left helpless. Install the Mulberry browser extension to find the best product protection plans for your purchases.

How can you keep packages from being stolen?

Luckily, with a few security measures, it’s easy to take matters into your own hands to prevent your packages from being stolen. Wondering how? Check out these tips for protecting your packages.

Invest in a Nest doorbell

Have you ever wished you could keep an eye on your property even when you’re on a trip or out running errands? Luckily, with the Nest Doorbell, now you can! The Nest Doorbell combines a camera and doorbell into one neat little device for $179.

Complete with night vision, recording capability, and the option to set up pre-recorded messages to communicate with visitors on your porch, investing in a Nest Doorbell is a helpful security measure to take to protect both your packages and your home from unwelcome intruders.

Try a Ring Mailbox Sensor

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you knew exactly when your mail or packages were deposited in your mailbox? The Ring Mailbox Sensor is made to accomplish just that. You can set up your Ring Mailbox Sensor to notify you every time your mailbox is opened, and even pair it with other Ring devices and cameras so that you can also see exactly what’s happening at your mailbox every time it’s opened.

If you’re worried about sensitive mail or even simple packages getting stolen, it’s probably worth investing in a Ring Mailbox Sensor. And, at only $29.99, it's incredibly affordable.

Light bulb security camera

While traditional video cameras can serve as a deterrent, they’re also easy for wary porch pirates to break or steal. This is why many people opt to instead purchase a light bulb security camera.

A light bulb security camera is exactly like it sounds–a camera shaped like a light bulb. It uses infrared light to detect motion and obtain visuals of suspicious activity. As a bonus, light bulb security cameras are pretty inexpensive–check out a LaView option on Amazon for only $31.99!

Pick up your packages

Last but not least, perhaps the most surefire way to guarantee that your packages make it directly into your hands is to avoid delivering them to your house at all–instead, try picking up your packages from a collection point, such as an Amazon pickup location.

Amazon pickup locations, or Amazon Hubs, are designated spots where you can ship your Amazon packages. The package is stored at the Amazon Hub until you have time to pick it up. Amazon Hubs can be found all over the world–they’re simply businesses that partner with Amazon to host package pickups. Amazon benefits from the extra pickup location, and the business benefits by attracting extra traffic (and potentially extra sales) directly to their doorstep.

Amazon Hubs also come equipped with lockers where Amazon customers pick up their packages using self-service. Wondering how to find the Amazon locker locations near you? Simply visit Amazon’s website to input your location and find lockers nearby.

Protect your packages today

Whether or not you’ve already been impacted by porch pirates, chances are good it’s likely to happen (again) at some point. Fortunately, with a few protective measures, keeping your packages safe is easier than you think.

Don't forget to shop with the Mulberry browser extension to add an extra layer of protection to your online purchases. You'll be able to view all the product protection plans available for your items in real time, and have the opportunity to earn rewards.

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